Continuous Sum Question Type

Continuous Sum questions allow respondents to enter numeric values (often percentages or dollar amounts) for a list of items that are then summed to a total value.


If your department budget was increased by $500,000, how would you allocate on the following? 

Total: $0

When to Use It

This question type is used to see how a value, such as a budget, is allocated across several line items. You can set the question to have a maximum or minimum value that must be met in total. If you wish to allow a respondent to enter any total value, simply keep the min and max to 0 or set a high max such as 9,999,999. You can hide the diagnostic showing the max/min values.

Options and Settings

For this question you can choose the following:

  • Require an answer (can not proceed until answered)
  • Hide min/max text label
  • Format as a percentage, number, or dollar amount


Results will be displayed in a table that shows various statistics such as average value, maximum and minimum value, standard deviation, and sum of values for each line item.

Individual results (displayed as a spreadsheet) will display the line item as a column header and the respondent's value below that.

Example Data

Answer Choice Avg. Min Max Standard Deviation Sum Total Responses
Office Supplies130,000.0015,000.00250,000.00117,579.76390,000.003
New Technology 163,333.3315,000.00350,000.00170,758.11490,000.003
Additional Staff40,666.6727,000.0050,000.0012,096.83122,000.003
Pay raises166,000.00108,000.00200,000.0050,477.72498,000.003