Employee Benefits Survey Template

One of the more crucial aspects to employee retention is the benefits package. Show your employees that you care and try to take action to see if your benefits need any improvements.

Survey includes different sections for health, vision, dental, and general benefits like PTO. Employees can rate what they like about the current benefits and propose changes or additional benefits they would like to see.

Number of questions: 22
Number of Pages: 6

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Send this out immediately after open enrollment so that corrective action, if any, can be taken before the next year
  • Use email invitations to take advantage of employee metadata and further filter and analyze results
  • If you wish to use web links for anonymity, add questions such as department or age brackets to further filter and analyze results to see what specific departments or employee types are happy/unhappy
  • Customize questions as needed to tailor to you current benefits package
  • Be sure to send to new employees after the on boarding process. This can help determine if the benefits package had any influence on choosing employment with your company
  • If your benefits package is rolled out at a particular time each year, make sure to conduct this survey well in advance of the roll out. This will give your team time to evaluate feedback and makes changes for the upcoming year.