QR Code Surveys

Including an Interactive Example

A QR code is a 2D barcode that people can scan with their smartphone to take your survey. It's common to include QR codes on print media like pamphlets, posters, and purchase receipts.

Big Data - QR codes can easily collect 1,000's of customer responses since they are usually applied at the point of sale. Since April 2017, QR code surveys averaged over 700 responses, compared to about 300 for other collector types! Imagine what you can do with that much feedback


  • Create a survey and go to the "Distribute" page. From here click "Via Web Link".
  • Click the "Generate QR Code" button
  • This will generate the QR code that you can save and embed into your receipts and forms
By default only one response can be recorded per device. If you wish to allow multiple responses from the same device you can enable multiple responses per device option.

Interactive Receipt Example

The following is a receipt given to a customer after a purchase at a restaurant. Scan the code with your smartphone to take the survey!

This feedback is crucial to improve your products service, and overall customer experience.

Giving a customers an incentive to take the survey, such as “5% off their next order” is a great way to boost response rates and encourage a return visit!


Granite City Food & Brewery
1211 Green Street
New York, NY


Order #1568
03-12-2017 5:35 PM
Table # 2
Server: Megan

1 Mixed Drink - Premium $8.25
1 Draft Beer 16oz $4.25
2 House Wine $6.25
Sub-Total:   $18.75
Tax   $7.00
Total:   $25.75

Thanks for your order!

Take our survey and receive 5% off your next purchase! Just scan the following code with your phone's camera.

You can also add the QR codes to product labels, menus, stickers on windows, on flyers, and more! As Google Glass continues to improve and grow, interactive QR codes will play a larger role in customer feedback.


Option Description
Anonymous Responses Surveys will be labeled as anonymous to give respondents confidence that their answers cannot be tracked. For embedded surveys, this means hiding the IP address of the respondent.
Response Editing With this option, if a respondent clicks a survey they have already taken, they can edit their responses and re-submit a new, updated form.
Redirect URL You can enter in a URL for the respondent to be redirected to after they complete their survey.
Close Collector
(Based on Responses)
This will close the collector after a specified number of responses have been received.
Close Collector
(Based on Date)
This will close the collector on a certain date. You cannot accept new responses to a closed survey. You can re-open the survey at any time.
Password Protection A password must be entered before the respondent can access the survey page.