Restaurant & Bar Survey Template

Used by restaurants and bars across the world, this survey template is specifically designed to capture feedback about the guest experience. Find out how well your wait staff are performing, menu & drink opinions, and identify other areas where your company can improve.

Word of mouth recommendations are so important in the hospitality industry, tracking brand reputation is crucial to growth; thus the first question in this survey is a Net Promoter Score®, helping you to gauge brand loyalty and reputation.

Number of questions: 8
Number of Pages: 1

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Use a QR Code to print this on a customer receipt. This will give your customers the ability to quickly give feedback by scanning a code on their phone.
  • Your team can place a small menu on each table with a QR code printed on them (or placed on an existing menu with a sticker). When patrons are waiting for a drink or food, they may be inclined to submit feedback and offer suggestions.
  • Add an incentive, such as 5% off their next order to boost response rates and encourage a return visit! (Just redirect them to a page on your website, or ask them to capture a screenshot at survey completion to receive the discount.)
  • This could also be sent out via email to past customers or on a website
  • Always include an open ended text question for customers to offer detailed suggestions or improvements
  • Customize as needed

Improve Customer Retention

According to Jon Taffer: "Fewer than 50 percent return, because it's still outside their habit cycle. Yet, if they do come back, there is a 50 percent chance they'll return after a second visit and a 70 percent chance after a third".

Capturing enough guest feedback will help improve your establishment, increasing the chances a customer will come back for another visit.

Offering an incentive to take the survey, such as a discount on the next order, will increase the likelihood that person comes back for a second visit, and will help you give key insights from a survey response.

Interactive Receipt Example

The following is a receipt given to a customer after a purchase at a restaurant.

This feedback is crucial to improve your products service, and overall customer experience.

Giving a customers an incentive to take the survey, such as “5% off their next order” is a great way to boost response rates and encourage a return visit!


Granite City Food & Brewery
1211 Green Street
New York, NY


Order #1568
03-12-2017 5:35 PM
Table # 2
Server: Megan

1 Mixed Drink - Premium $8.25
1 Draft Beer 16oz $4.25
2 House Wine $6.25
Sub-Total:   $18.75
Tax   $7.00
Total:   $25.75

Thanks for your order!

Take our survey and receive 5% off your next purchase! Just scan the following code with your phone's camera.


Working With Your Data

By default this question includes a Net Promoter® Score question. This question is key to determining how well your brand is performing. This survey also includes demographics related to your customer, such as age and gender.

With these questions in place, you can filter and cross tabulate your results to drill into the fine details. You may notice your establishment is performing well with a certain age group or gender. This can help identify marketing opportunities specific to the correct target audience, enabling you to grow your customer base.