Volunteer Feedback Survey Template

Volunteer feedback is critical for successful events! This survey can help evaluate why and when volunteers are leaving, and offer insights on how to make improvements.

This survey includes a Net Promoter Score® question to benchmark and gauge how volunteers perceive your organization. This survey also includes two open ended text questions to capture additional comments. You can customize this template and add additional questions such as: "How did you hear of this event?".

Remember to filter the results for unhappy volunteers to identify areas of improvment.

Number of questions: 10
Number of Pages: 1

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Use this for new events to make sure they went smoothly
  • Send this out via an email invitation to volunteers so you can combine results with previously established demographic information
  • This survey can be used to establish benchmarks for events. e.g you might find on average 60% of volunteers return and are happy with organization event; that 60% can used to judge the success of new and proposed events