5 hacks that would help you write the perfect argumentative essay in no time

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An argumentative essay is written in order to take a side on one topic and support your stance with examples, and evidence so that your readers or audiences are convinced immediately. Writing an argumentative essay is a tricky job and one has to get familiar with its definition, samples and other sources to write a perfect draft. But if you have a slight idea about the essay we can help you with few hacks that help definitely improve your essay.

We have collected five hacks for writing a perfect argumentative essay. Read this blog till the end if you want to score better in your essay. So here we go!

1)evaluate you topic

Before writing an argumentative essay it is important to understand what is the topic asking you to do.  Are there several perspectives of the topic and see if there are any limitations and clues.

For example, if your topic is asking you to argue why education is important the term ‘why’ is the purpose of the topic that will cover your entire essay. Further, education is important is the overall opinion that has to be addressed with examples and other supporting details. 

This is how you analyze and understand the topic to begin it formally.

2)Plan the structure/format of your argumentative essay

An argumentative essay usually has five paragraphs including introduction and conclusion paragraphs.  The first paragraph is always the introduction paragraph; it is then followed by two body paragraphs that show supporting arguments. However, the third paragraph should contain opposing argument and finally the last paragraph should conclude the whole essay by

3)Check your position

Checking your position on what part of the essay topic you can write better is a main strategy of writing a perfect essay. While writing an write my essay it is essential to assess yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses. What do you think about how much you have studied about the topic and what are your questions about the topic?  Write down the major ideas you have searched about the topic and separate them accordingly. Pick two ideas that support your stance and one idea that supports the opposing idea.

4)Start your paragraphs with a hook

Your first sentence of the paragraph is the main focus of your reader. This is the place you can attract maximum attention or repulse it. Your essay is marked better when it is read with interest and making it interesting is your job. You can make an argument essay interesting by starting your paragraph with an attention grabbing fact or a story or you may begin by giving an evoking statement. Anyhow a hook will make your essay better and you will score better grades. So try to begin it in an interesting way. 

5)Start writing your essay

You should have a clear conclusion in your mind after the above processes. Now get started with the introduction paragraph. Clearly mention the thesis statement and the three body paragraphs which will divide in 2:1 i.e. two supporting paragraphs and one opposing paragraph. And compile your essay with a brief and clear conclusion.

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We hope the above blog was fruitful in familiarizing you with some important hacks of writing a perfect argumentative essay, for more useful guidelines visit essay writer.

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