4 Tips for Providing Online Exams

Rethinking the Exam Framework

Day believes that switching from paper exams to online exams offers instructors the chance to reexamine exams. "

UNE administrators have considered removing an exam time period. The exam period was initially designed for logistical purposes. "

Day states that you could also incorporate elements from video and website exploration in your exam. This allows you to open up the types of questions and answers you can offer, as well as the possibilities for students to provide.

Prioritize Student Convenience

Online exams can be difficult to simulate a lecture hall exam. Day disagrees. Ask questions that require deep understanding.

It is important to remember that students can take asynchronous tests to help them manage different aspects of their lives.

Help Students Remember That Online Cheating Is Often Less Successful

Cheating is common where there are tests. "

UNE has partnered with ProctorU to conduct its exams. Students are able to schedule exams online 24 hours a week with a proctor. The proctor verifies the student's identity. AI technology detects unusual behaviors such as eye movements and typing speed variations.

Day states that online exams can be more effective at preventing cheating that in-person exams. "

Remember, There's Still a Human Involved

Privacy is a major concern when it comes to online exams. '"

The university recognizes students' concerns and allows them to take an alternate exam At this time, only about 5% of students have chosen to do this.

Another concern is the possibility that an AI or proctor from outside the institution could decide that cheating cases are being decided. "

The university and student can benefit from these logs and recordings. The process doesn't become lengthy for the student nor the institution. "

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