How can I choose the perfect ESA dog for an apartment?

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Research finds that people who have emotional support animals enjoy various benefits ranging from mental health stability to dealing with depression and anxiety. Emotional support animals are very effective in improving the mental health of a person. Emotional support animals provide efficient companionship to all those suffering from different symptoms of mental illness. Their feelings of depression and loneliness can be eliminated if they keep an ESA in the apartment. It is not difficult to keep an ESA at home if you have an ESA letter. A therapist prescribes an ESA along with a realesaletter. Mental health professionals first examine the mental health of a person and assign an ESA accordingly. A mental health expert can only provide an ESA letter to people if they are licensed to do so; otherwise, the ESA letter will not be considered valid. Once you are assigned an ESA, you also need to make sure that it remains with you all the time. Hence, this letter works as an official document that allows you to keep your ESA with you wherever you go.

After getting an emotional support animal letter for housing and traveling, the next step is to find the best breed to be kept as an ESA. Different pets can be kept as ESA. You can compare different breeds of dogs to choose as an ESA. Different websites provide information about the various breeds of dogs.  You can even visit different clinics to get information about the variety of dog breeds.

One of the most affectionate dog breeds for this purpose is the Basenji. Basenji has unique features which make it the best fit for an ESA. The unique features of Basenji are as follows:


The Basenji is not a barker as it is considered to be the oldest breed of domesticated dog. Ancient people used to prefer those dogs that would keep quiet on hunts. It barks but only for once. Basenji is quite different from other domesticated dogs due to its metabolism, which resembles Wild Canids. Congo is its region of origin. The cycle of female Basenji is also different from other dogs. Basenjis are rare and rank 84th among 155 breeds of dogs.


Basenjis have ideal size; male Basenjis have a shoulder of 17 inches and weigh about 24 pounds. The shoulder of the female Basenjis is 16 inches with a weight of 22 pounds. An ESA dog must have an ideal weight and size to make it easy for the owner to keep it in the apartment.


Basenjis have a unique personality. They are hounds which means they are intelligent and independent. But along with these personality traits, they are affectionate and alert as well. Every motion catches Basenji's attention; he chases all moving things like cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc.  He will think before obeying any command. You need to be patient and should have a good sense of humor to live with a Basenji. Moreover, he will remain aloof from strangers. If you have not raised him with cats or other animals, don't leave basenji with them.

Basenji requires initial socialization and training. Expose him to different people, sights, experiences, and sounds at their initial age. Early training and socialization will grow the puppy into a well-rounded dog. The regular walk and interaction will polish his social skills. Treat your Basenji with kindness and consistency so that he can love you in return. He will provide you with all his love and affection, which will improve your mental health.


Basenji needs to exercise daily because he is a hunting dog. Some are good with the daily walk, while some require vigorous exercise. He is considered an escape artist and will vanish if you do not keep an eye on him. 30-minute play sessions and walks are enough to keep him energetic and well-suited to the apartment and condo life. Do not keep him confined to the limited areas by the usage of the fence.  Basenjis do not like rain. They want to go out only in the sun and on hot days.


The recommended feed for the Basenjis is a high-quality dry food that should be divided into two meals. The basenji is structured just like deer. Provide him with food twice daily to maintain his physique. Snuffle mats for dogs are available now, which can reduce the eating habits of dogs.

Children and other Pets

Although Basenjis are not fond of children, their high energy level makes them good companions for children. Hence, it is best to raise them with children. Do not let a Basenji alone with the pets and animals he is not familiar with.
All these features and personality traits of Basenji should make your decision easy to select him as your real esa letter. It is a pretty calm and loving breed of dog that can assist you in different crises. It can be trained easily to help you during anxiety attacks. It is easy to live with a Basenji due to his calm nature. It will not even create disturbance for the neighbors around. You can easily travel with this breed in flight because it does not create trouble for the other passengers. Always go for a calm breed because breeds that are not calm can further deteriorate your mental condition. Calm breeds can be proven more beneficial for the stable mental health and peace of people who are suffering from mental illness.