Meetup cultural excursion on July 19, 2022 survey

Dear readers, 
Language Plaza organises monthly Meetups for her members and cultural lovers. Since we are now in the summer time - a busy season for social pleasure with families and friends, we'd also like to add this to our meetup in July. So, let's meetup in Den Haag China Cultural Center (CCC) and afterwards have dinner together in Mallejan - the biggest Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands. 
In Den Haag CCC there is an exhibition about one of the Four Classical Chinese Novels 'the Dream of the Red Chamber', which lasts to July 22, and it is only open from 1pm - 5 pm, Tuesday to Friday, see more at:
Mallejan is a unique all-you-can eat and drink Chinese restaurant including fondue, for €38,95 per person. More info at:

The whole excursion plan is as follows:
13:15 leave Eindhoven center, together by car,
15:00-17:00 visit the cultural exhibition in Den Haag CCC
17:30-18:20 leave Den Haag for Maarssen
18:30-21:00 dinner at Mallejan restaurant. You may only join the dinner from 18:30.

We'd like to collect your wishes and feedback regarding this excursion, so that we will have a well-organised excursion together.
Feel free to invite your families and friends to join. Look forward to your feedback asap, because we need to make the dinner reservation on time, 18:30 is the businest dinner time as you know. We appreciate your soonest feedback. Many thanks. 

Is your birthday happen to be on July 19th? Bingo, you can eat and drink for free in Mallejan!
Kitty Miao from Language Plaza

Will you join (one part of) the whole excursion?

Will you bring some others to join together, how many in total? 

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About transport, we may drive together, from Eindhoven center first to Den Haag (Spui 192a), then to Maarssen (Gageldijk 81a), then back to Eindhoven center. According to ANWB routeplanner, it is 307 km, fuel costs 55 euro will be shared by the passengers. 
We need to leave from Eindhoven center at 13:15. Please free this Tuesday afternoon for our cultural meetup.
Would you like to be a passenger or be a driver?

Again about transport, for those who only join the dinner session, may drive together from Eindhoven center to Maarssen (Gageldijk 81a), then back together. According to ANWB routeplanner, it is 194 km, fuel costs 35 euro will be shared by the passengers. 
It will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to be in the restaurant, you should leave Eindhoven at 17:15. 
Would you like to be a passenger or be a driver?

Please leave us your contacts, and your thoughts, e.g. things you would like to do or suggest.

Important notes:
1. participants are 18+, take own responsibilities (and that for the kids you breng), and pay the dinner costs and the share fuel cost (if applicable).
2. after your notice of joining the dinner, the reservation will be quickly done, a seat including fondue (strong recommended) that costs €38,95 per person is then booked for you.

Let's meetup and have fun together.