Brothers and Sisters, 

TWU Local 555 entered negotiations with Southwest Airlines in April 2021. As always, it is the interests and concerns of our membership that determine our strategy. The Negotiating Committee must be aware of your priorities.  

Without question, our members continue to significantly contribute to the steady success of Southwest Airlines while overcoming a very difficult and uncertain economic climate due to the pandemic. Our members have proven their resiliency by maintaining their extraordinary dedication to our customers, our company, and our future. Together we can secure a contract that reflects our substantial contribution, rewards our unrivaled effort, and guarantees a promising future for our members and their families. 

Your participation in this process is crucial. The time required to complete this comprehensive survey is an investment in your future. All survey results are confidential and signing your name on the survey is optional. The negotiating committee encourages you to engage your fellow members by discussing this survey. The debates will not only remind and motivate our members to complete and return the survey, but the discourse will also serve as an opportunity to educate our members and build solidarity on key issues.  

Below, please enter the activation code that was provided to you. This survey should be completed by midnight June 30, 2021.

Thank You,  

Your Negotiating Committee

TWU Local 555 

Andre Sutton Randy Barnes 
Charles Cerf   Robbie Gadd         
Melvin Baker  Jesus Gomez 
Edwin Green

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