Recommended DIY Dog House Plan for Medium Sized Dogs that Works

Did you just bring your emotional support animal dog to your home? Let me guess. You want to build your furry fella beautiful home. Right? You can go to the supermarket and buy your dog a premade dog house but it would be expensive. Moreover, it would never match the quality of the dog house that you will build with your own hands.  And if you are a DIYer, there is no way you will be comfortable with buying a premade house.

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Dogs come in various sizes, from small to large sizes. Where some people like small dogs, others love large dogs. I also happen to love medium-sized dogs. They are easy to carry like small dogs and are also cuddly like large dogs. I’ve quite an experience of building dog houses for medium-sized dogs. If you have brought home a medium-sized dog, you should keep reading this blog. I’ll share some DIY dog house plans for medium-sized dogs that not only work as a fine shelter but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Dog house with a porch

Have you never built a dog house before? Well, do not worry. This dog house is very easy to build. It looks sturdy but is also very comfortable for dogs. It can be built for the medium as well as large-sized dogs. It has ample lounging space. Your dog would love it and it won’t be difficult for you to build.

Tropical dog house

Does your dog love beaches? If yes then among the various DIY dog houses, a tropical dog house is the best option for you. This dog house can be a good fit for all sizes of dogs. It is very cute in design, just like your dream summer house. And has enough room for your canine companion to relax and flex.

We’ll leave the light on” Dog house

Are you looking for something fancy and flashy? Then this is the dog house that you have been looking for. It is very creative and adorable and has a light on the front porch. You can add a small solar panel on the rooftop to make it sustainable. These are mostly recommended for small dogs but if you love the design, you can make it a little bigger.

Pallet Kennel with Sun Deck

Does your dog love to sunbathe? If so, then you should definitely go with this DIY dog house plan.  It is larger in size than the usual dog houses and is suitable for both small and medium-sized dogs. The most attractive feature of this DIY dog house is its sun deck.

Dog House with a rooftop deck

If you love to sit outside, sunbathe and enjoy nature then you should build your dog this house. It is a simple hut for your dog but contains a staircase and a deck on the rooftop. Your dog can lie on the roof and enjoy sunbathing.