Town of Scriba Comprehensive Plan Citizen Survey

Dear Resident/Citizen of the Town of Scriba,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your answers and thoughts on this survey. The Town of Scriba is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. Several years ago, a similar survey was instrumental in helping to create the Comprehensive Plan, and your answers below will be equally valuable this time around. The Comprehensive Plan is the culmination of a planning process that establishes the official land use policy of a community and presents goals and a vision for the future that guides official decision-making.

The Town of Scriba Planning Board


1. Which area of town do you live in? (Please use the key provided)

2. Where do you work?

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3. Do you rent or own your home?

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4. How many people are answering this questionnaire?


For the following questions, please select one description for each part of the question. If two people are answering the questionnaire be sure there are two selections for each question, even if they indicate the same answer.

How important are the following issues for the future of the Town of Scriba:


5. The conversion of farmland to renewable energy facilities (i.e., solar, wind, etc.).

6. I am in favor of Scriba hosting another nuclear power plant at Nine Mile Point.

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7. Limiting the density of residential development units (per acre), such as subdivisions, housing complexes, senior living communities, and low-income housing.

8. Encouraging more concentrated, higher density residential development in some areas of the Town, such as subdivisions, housing complexes, senior living communities, and low-income housing.

9. The need for more of the following housing options: (Check all that apply)



The Town of Scriba supplies public water to nearly every property, yet less than 25% of all properties have public sewer. The Town of Scriba does not have zoning regulations (i.e. a set of rules dictating where and how property can be used in certain areas or “zones” of the town.)

10. Protecting the quality and quantity of ground water.

11. Preventing possible land use conflicts.

12. Designate some areas for more dense residential development while maintaining a more rural character in other areas?

13. Are you in favor of the Town adopting zoning?

14. Improving community appearance (how the Town looks)

15. Regulate the location of mobile home parks?


Virtually every type of development is found in Scriba from small commercial and retail businesses, and wholesale businesses to light industrial, heavy industrial, and manufacturing facilities.

16. The need to preserve the Town’s tax base.

17. The need to increase the Town’s tax base.

18. Expansion of public sewer service.

19. The location of industrial land uses.

20. The location of commercial land uses.

21. Are you in favor of more commercial and industrial employment in the Town?

22. Limit some commercial and industrial land uses to designated areas of the Town.

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What types of business or industry would you like to be located in the Town of Scriba?


23. Enhancements to existing parks (i.e. upgrades to bathrooms, bathhouses, parking, etc…)

24.Developing bike and walking trials.

25. Protection of all lakes and river shorelines from erosion and degradation.

26. Are you interested in helping the Town of Scriba Planning Board revise the current Comprehensive Plan?

If yes, please provide your contact information (name, phone number, email address):


27. Other Comments and Suggestions: