Proven Advantages of Owning an ESA 

Keeping an emotional support animal is quite helpful as suggested by science. But there are more benefits to it. Read this article to know more about them.

Provides ease and comfort

The basic benefit of keeping an ESA is that they provide comfort to their owners. In addition to this, they offer a  sense of calmness and well-being as a component of the treatment. It has been proven through science that they can potentially reduce the level of stress. The researchers state that blood pressure and cholesterol levels can be lowered if a patient keeps an ESA. It is all possible due to the adorable nature of the emotional support animal. Different species of an ESA have different natures and you can select an animal-based on your preference. 

Are Better alternative to antidepressants

For those who suffer from depression, it is suggested by the doctors to take antidepressants. However, these antidepressants have negative side effects. These can make the person taking antidepressants uneasy as well. But emotional support animals are proven to be a better alternative to getting rid of depression. They do not even have any side effects and still are more efficient in helping reduce depression. 

Keep them with you always

When in crowded places or in underarm areas, people with anxiety get anxious easily. Due to which they even have to take medication. But the medication is not always very effective. On the other hand, if they keep emotional support animals when going out to places which are crowded then it can be easier for them. According to the Air Carrier Access Act and Fair Housing Act, an emotional support animal can travel on a plane as well as stay inside the house with the owner. But you have to provide the ESA letter to the authorities. If you are not sure what that is then take a look at any ESA letter sample available online. You must get it from a mental health professional who is certified. Or else it is not acceptable.

Companion in sadness and loneliness

Emotional support animals create a huge impact on the life of the owner in order to get rid of sadness and loneliness. Just with their presence, they can easily help you overcome any mental health issue. They get emotional as well as understand your feelings too. It has been seen that when they are sad, they tend to care for them. Sit with them and bring them their toys to make them feel better. If you are about to adopt, then remember that they will not leave you even in tough times. There is no need for an emotional support animal certification Rather you only are required to keep an ESA letter. Make sure you have it all the time in order to avoid any unpleasant events. 

Keeps you active

You are supposed to take emotional support animals to the parks for regular walks.  Now, this may seem hectic, but it is quite useful. In this way, you become more responsible when you follow a schedule of going for walks. In addition to this, going out with them takes the issues off your mind. You become more relaxed and tend to focus on positives around you. Moreover, walks offer you numerous health benefits as well. 
Added bonus: You can begin social interaction when taking your emotional support animals with people who have the same interests as you. 

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You must give your emotional support animal time and attention. They usually do not demand any expensive items, rather just your attention and care. Taking care of your emotional support animal is also beneficial for you as it helps you to stay focused. Make sure that your emotional support animal is also happy staying with you.