Impact Reporting Survey 2023

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This survey is being conducted by Unit Co, a public benefit corporation co-founded by three Certified B Corps: Roundpeg, Oliver Russell, and Unity Web Agency.

Which of the following best describes your organization?

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Which best describes you?

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Has your organization ever published an annual benefit report or social impact report?

Please provide a link to your most recent benefit report or social impact report. (If not applicable, please write N/A)

What challenges do you face when producing your annual benefit report or social impact report? Rate on a scale of 1 - Not challenging to 5 - Very Challenging.

Not challenging

Very challenging

Budget restraints
Data analysis and collection
Writing and editing
Publication online or in print
Marketing and promotion

If you have not published an impact report, what is the primary reason?

Does your organization currently measure or track any of the following?

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Please rate the importance of the following facets of social responsibility to your organization. Rate on scale where 1 is Not Important and 5 is Very Important

Not important

Most important

Worker satisfaction
Social impact
Corporate giving
Environmental sustainability
Community enrichment/involvement
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

On a scale of 1-5, how important do you think it is for your organization to highlight its commitment to social responsibility in its marketing materials?

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What is your organization’s annual marketing budget?

What portion of your organization’s annual marketing budget is allocated for marketing its impact?

Who in your organization has primary responsibility for impact reporting and communications?

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What tools do you use to track and measure your impact?

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How do you use your impact report?

Which tools and resources would be most beneficial to your organization?

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How many employees does your company employ?

Which of the following best describes your organization’s annual revenue?

In which state or province is your organization registered?

Would you be interested in learning more about impact reporting tools and resources created especially for small businesses including B Corps, benefit corporations, and socially responsible companies?

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