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Introducing SurveyKing. With an easy to use builder and a dynamic set of features, we empower individuals and businesses to make smarter decisions. The only free online survey tool you'll ever need!
Skip Logic & Piping
Control which survey questions are seen by your participants. Use logic to ask additional questions, skip irrelevant questions, or even end the survey early. Piping can be used to carry responses forward and give users a tailored experience.
Upload Images
A picture really can be worth a thousand words. Add images directly to questions or add a logo and give your users a custom feel.
Unlimited Email Campaigns
Customize your emails and send your surveys out to as many people as you need. Perfect for sending surveys to past customers or current employees. Add custom variables to your invites to segment your results by customer purchase info or employee meta data.
Responsive Layouts
Surveys designed to work on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. Have confidence your users will have a great experience, regardless of the device used.
Data Analysis
Choose from different chart types to see a concise summary of your data. Take advantage of report segmentation, cross tabulation, and filtering to spot hidden trends. Our tools are powerful, yet easy to use.
Data Exports
Get the data back in a format you need. From PDF to Spreadsheet we have you covered. Take advantage of the powerful features in Excel and export your survey results. Need help with data analysis from your experts? No problem! We have a team of experts ready to help.
Over 15 Question Types
From standard multiple choice, open text, Net Promoter Score, likert scale, or Max Diff, we have you covered. Each type is designed to help you gain valuable insights for market research, school projects, or corporate feedback.
Professionally Made Templates
Haven’t used a survey maker in the past? That’s okay! Try one of our premade templates. Collect feedback from employees, customers, or even feedback for a new product release. Edit the template in our survey creator and start collecting your data.

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