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We believe quality research tools should be accessible to organizations of all sizes. SurveyKing offers advanced question types free of charge to help you collect actionable data. These questions cost thousands on other platforms:

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Customer Survey Software

Track your brand's Net Promoter Score, identify problems areas, and even do your own market research for new products. Our reporting tools will do the heavy lifting, and help you spot hidden trends and relationships.

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Employee Survey Platform

Understand both employee satisfaction and engagement. Automatically ping employees once a month with a simple 2 question survey, to track your organization internal Net Promoter Score. Identify problem area in real time, helping you reduce turn over, and increase productivity.

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Truly Anonymous Surveys

SurveyKing is the only survey platform to offer k-anonymity, guaranteeing respondent identities are kept anonymous. Anonymous surveys also include a seal with an info link, encouraging respondents to give honest feedback without fear of being identified. For employee surveys, an anonymous chat room can be enabled, giving decision makers the ability to address problem areas in a constructive way.

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Transactional Surveys

Capture feedback once a customer makes a purchase from your website or from your store. SurveyKing offers the ability to add custom variables to your survey such as purchase location, region, order ID and more. This enables an organization to understand their customer satisfaction data at granular level.

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Labor Relation Surveys

Understand what union members truly value. A combination of advanced questions types like MaxDiff, along with an anonymous collector, can give valuable insights for a proper negation. Share results with one click to union members and stakeholders, helping to promote trust and visibility.

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Feedback & Reviews

Capture positive Google reviews for your business. Our review tool enables a customer to write a review with one click. The review will only be shown to customers who had a positive experience. Customers who have a negative experience are funneled into a different route, and their feedback is handled internally.

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First Time Using an Online Survey Builder?

We make the survey creation process simple. Use our drag-and-drop builder to add questions on the fly. The inline question editor lets you see a live preview as you type. Even creating logic rules are simple, enabling you to create complex surveys with little effort.

Our platform also offers targeted surveys, meaning you can pay respondents to take your survey, a common practice in market research. The targeted panels have various options to reach the audience you need.


Great for individual use
Free forever
  • View 30 responses per survey
  • 20 email invitations
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited questions
  • Limited MaxDiff
  • Limited Conjoint
  • Limited Gabor Granger
  • Collect unlimited responses
  • Over 15 question types
  • Skip logic & piping
  • Export & share results


For small and mid-sized businesses
$19 / month
Per user, per month
  • View unlimited responses
  • 500 emails per month
  • Unlimited MaxDiff
  • Unlimited Conjoint
  • Unlimited Gabor Granger
  • Team collaboration
  • Remove branding
  • Custom thank you pages
  • Cancel anytime

What Our Customers Say...

Lisa Pelley

X10 Therapy

"SurveyKing is so easy to use. We send text message surveys on a weekly basis to our patients. The feedback has really helped us improve!"

"I use SurveyKing to collect student feedback. The reports really help me improve my curriclum."

Jeff Grahovec

APL Logistics

"Employee surveys take minimal effort to setup and send out. Very useful results."

Joe Scott

Hire Counsel

"Our annual client survey is so easy to run. We love being able to easily share reports with upper management."

World Class Reporting Tools

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Build Custom Reports

Our drag and drop report builder makes it easy to only include certain survey questions and even add commentary explaining a data set.

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Advanced Filters

Combine multiple criteria into one to build complex rule helping you uncover hidden trends in your data.

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Cross Tabulation Analysis

Compare multiple sets of data side by side. For example, do males prefer your product over females? Also compare a segment to all survey results - A feature unique to SurveyKing.


Easily Share Reports

Create report and with one click share it with colleagues. Our report sharing feature allows end users to manipulate their report, without effecting your report.

Dive deeper into your survey data

Reporting tools that do the heavy lifting for you. Discover hidden trends, share reports with one click, and more.

Business Consulting - Beyond Survey Software

SurveyKing offers business consulting services to help your organization succeed wherever possible.

Our consulting services include statistical models, Microsoft Excel, web design, financial modeling, and process improvement.

Data plays a crucial role in growing your company. And having developed one of the world’s best online survey platforms, we have a passion for data; your project will be a success!

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