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The perfect platform for market research, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, or simple form creation. All the best features a survey builder can offer, in one easy-to-use package!

Skip Logic & Piping

Skip logic enables respondents to view only the questions you intend. Piping will carry a respondent's answers forward, allowing for a tailored survey experience.

Unlimited Email & SMS Campaigns

Send your surveys to clients, employees, and anyone you want with little effort. Create email or text message lists of you customer base and streamline the feedback process.

Responsive Layouts

Our survey maker ensures your questionnaires and forms will work perfectly on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Professionally Made Templates

Our research team has done the heavy lifting for you. Customer feedback, teacher evaluations, and product evaluations have never been so easy.

Upload Images

A picture really can be worth a thousand words. Make your survey and add images directly to questions or add a logo to give your users a custom feel.

Multiple Question Types

Our survey builder has it all! From standard multiple choice, open text, Net Promoter Score, Likert Scale, or MaxDiff. Everything you need for the perfect questionnaire or survey.

The Best Reporting Features

SurveyKing offers the best reporting tools to analyze your results.

Dive deeper into your data with segment reports and cross-tabulation. Advanced filtering allows you to spot hidden trends. Export results into Excel or share your custom built reports with a web link.

No other survey tool has this many powerful reporting features.

One Platform, Multiple Uses

Our software can be used for a variety of applications. Check out some examples!

Employee Satisfaction

I feel valued as an employee

Employee Satisfaction

Use this template to gauge employee satisfaction. This type of survey should be sent out annually or semi annually to establish benchmarks.

Segment and sort results by department.

Customer Satisfaction

How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Not at all Likely

Extremely Likley


Customer Satisfaction

Email this to past customers, include on your web page after customers make a purchase, or embed these in email receipts after a transaction is made.

Teacher Evaluation

How knowledgeable was your instructor?

Teacher Evaluation

Send this to students to gauge instructor knowledge and aptitude.

Surveys For Mom & Pop to the Fortune 500

Since launching in 2016, we've accommodated users from all industries. Our software is simple and cost effective for small businesses and individuals, yet powerful enough for large enterprises to collect detailed statistics for market research.

The Perfect Online Survey Tool

Market Research

  • Capture qualitative & quantitative data
  • Evaluate demographics
  • Create product feedback surveys

Customer Satisfaction

  • Improve Net Promoter®
  • Measure customer retention
  • Learn what your customers want

Human Resources

  • Evaluate current employees
  • Organize office feedback
  • Capture employment leads


  • Improve course lectures
  • Instructor evaluation surveys
  • Encourage parental feedback

Friends & Family

  • Plan reunions
  • Keep in touch


  • RSVPs
  • Assess client needs
  • Post event feedback