Top 10 most wonderful ESA animals in the world

The world is gifted with a lot of creatures, and absolutely none of them is worthless. Even the animals which we think are ignorant and dumb beings have their purpose in life. They are not only a necessary element of nature’s food chain but are also known for their exceptional ability to heal stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The concept of emotional support animals is not very old. It has just gained attention in the last decade when people got to know about the wonderful features of these animals as therapists.

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An emotional support animal letter is a legal authority that permits a person to keep an animal with them all the time, even at a public place where pets are not allowed. These animals are even permitted to travel with you on airplanes. It is because they are like a survival kit for the patient. Let us have a look at these animals’ names and distinct features one by one.

Dog: Dogs make the best ESA as they are strong, loyal, and affectionate. They know when their owner needs them and act according to circumstances. They also take their owner for a walk or exercise daily. Thus, a dog treats a patient both emotionally and physically.

Cat: A cat is sneaky, caring, and playful. A cat owner will never get stressed as the cat never makes them bored. A cat will keep playing with them and reduce the owner's stress when they are at home. A cat is easy to keep at home; they can even sleep with you, or you can make a cute home for them.

Miniature horse: Big horses are difficult to keep, that is why miniature horses are considered as an ESA. They are just an ideal size to keep in your home garden or your backyard. These horses are strong and loyal friends that take care of their owner even at the stake of losing a life. They are faithful and affectionate such that people feel safe with them.

Ferret: A small, brown, and furry animal that is easy to keep even in a shoebox. Ferrets are the most wondrous ESA with unique features that make people doubt that they work as an ESA. However, the caring and affectionate nature of ferrets make them an ideal ESA.

Rabbit: Rabbit is a happy creature and is small in size. Rabbits are soft, caring, and attentive. They keep their eyes and ears open for the sake of their owner. It is to make sure that when the owners are stressed, the rabbit takes action and calms them down. The cute and adorable side of rabbits makes them an effective ESA.

Goat: Goats are the most innocent beings; they cannot hurt anyone. They care for their owners and are affectionate towards everyone. They require high maintenance but are also the best ones to keep due to their humble nature. Thus, if you want to be relaxed all the time, get a goat as an ESA. They will keep your stress levels low and ensure your quality of life.

Sheep: Sheep is soft, tender, and easy-going. They can be trained easily by providing them care and food. Anyone who feeds a sheep becomes their friend. Sheep are great observers; and if they notice their owner is sad, they help them by consoling and running around them. Sheep is a good ESA to keep nearby as seeing it relieves the stressed person. However, you need a bigger space for them, and you need to maintain them as well on a regular basis.

Parrot: Parrots are one of the most wondrous animals to keep as an ESA. They can communicate by imitating phone ringtones and the sentences they hear daily. They will call your name and ask you to give them attention. Parrots are attention seekers and have a great intuitive sense. They know when their owner is stressed, and they try to make them happy by consoling. Parrots are easy to keep in a cage in your room. They will keep you company and never let you get bored.

Hamster: Hamsters are tiny balls that are cheaper and easier to keep. They require no maintenance to stay at your home. They can have a small place for them and spend their entire day peacefully waiting for you such that when the owner returns home, these creatures tend to jump in their laps. Hamsters play with their owner and make them happy by providing them affection. You just need to have their food prepared, and the hamster loves to stay and play with you and your family.

Llama: They are the softest and humblest creatures that do not even make a noise. They remain calm all the time in their place. Though they require a bigger space in a backyard or garden but having them is a true blessing as they love you and care for you unconditionally. They help their owner by calming them and acting friendly with them. They don’t mind their owner taking them out for a walk and are the most peaceful big animals.
So, get an ESA letter for housing for your beloved animal to make it stay at your home and with you under legal authority.