Parent Feedback Survey Template

In this survey, we are interested in learning more about your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards your child's school. This will help us improve the educational process. When answering these questions, please consider your child's current experience at school.

This first set of questions is about relationships:

How often do you wish you could talk with teachers at your child’s school?

How confident are you that you can help your child can developer good friendships?

To what extent do you know how your child is doing socially at school?

How often do you and your child talk when he or she is having a problem with others?

Does your child work better alone or in groups?

How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at his or her school?

Questions about learning needs:

How often do you help your child understand the content he or she is learning in school?

How safe do you feel your children are at our school?

How confident are you that our school meets your child's learning needs?

How confident are you in your ability to support your child's learning at home?

How much effort does your child put into school-related tasks?

What can our school do to better meet your child's learning needs?

Questions about interests and activities:

How well do the activities offered at your child's school match his or her interests?

If we offered after school activities, how often would you volunteer?

If we were to offer the following, what would be the least appealing and most appealing after school activity?

Least Important Most Important
Financial planning course
Move night
Once a week motivational speaker
Book club
Arts and crafts