Education with is easy is offering a new online learning opportunity for students across Arizona. Using state‐of‐the‐art technology, SUSD can now provide a complete high school education, including Advanced Placement and Honors courses, to students with only a computer and an Internet connection. SUSD offers Arizona high school students who live outside of its boundaries the opportunity to take advantage of its world‐class curriculum from virtually anywhere through SOL offers more than 60 courses, including Advanced Placement and Honors; English; Foreign Language; including Mandarin, Spanish and Latin; Science; Social Studies and Electives with certified and highly qualified teachers. “Students choose to attend virtual classrooms to obtain a high school diploma for many reasons, including looking for an alternative to traditional brick‐and‐mortar classroom learning, learning at an accelerated pace or for credit recovery. Arizona students can attend SOL full time or part time while earning a high school diploma from their home district or SUSD,” said Superintendent Dr. David Peterson. Although SOL students work independently and at their own pace, they are never alone; SUSD’s certified and highly qualified staff are just an e‐mail, text message or phone call away. Students can also engage and interact with classmates via blogs and e‐mails. All course work is approved and aligned to Arizona standards. Best of all, the online courses offer out‐of‐District students the chance to learn without paying online fees for up to six classes a semester.

What is keeping you from improving your grades? Is it the subject matter? Is it your teachers? Is it how much time you put into your studying? Maybe you are putting in enough time, you are just not using that time effectively. You may not be able to control the subject matter or the teachers, but you can take control of your time. If you can find ways to use that time efficiently, you will improve your study habits and better grades will follow. Efficient time management can make all the difference when you are trying to be a better student.

Respecting Time

You may have heard the phrase "killing time." As a student, the first thing that you need to do with time is to respect it rather than kill it. Each day has only 24 hours, and, if you waste them, you do not get those 24 hours back. For example, If you have a half-hour between getting home from work and eating dinner, do not use it to watch a sitcom on television. Have some help online assignment help material ready for those times and start studying. If you put vocabulary words on index cards, that half an hour would be a good time to study them. You can also use that time to put together a quick outline for what you need to study, rather than do that at the beginning of your study session; you now have a running start into your review.

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