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Our guide will walk you through the creation, distribution, and reporting process for customer surveys. Templates, sample questions, and tips to help you collect the data you need.

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I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better - Elon Musk

Customer survey software helps your organization measure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. A good customer survey platform should help you measure and Track Net Promoter Score, identify problems with business units or processes, and even help with market research on new products; all of which SurveyKing offers.

Our customer survey platform also gives you and capture positive Google reviews, while limiting negative reviews. Positive reviews helps bolster search ranking, and additional food traffic.

Net Promoter Score drives customer feedback

Understanding Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score question is a simple 0-10 rating that measures brand or customer loyalty. The best score is 100 and the worst possible score is -100. The closer the number is to 100, the greater chance you have of customer retention and word of mouth advertising. You can track this number over time or by business unit. Low scores indicate problem areas.

"What was the main reason for your score?" should be included after asking Net Promoter Score, so customers can input additional details. Using AI, our software automatically analyzes this feedback for sentiment - meaning we classify it into positive, neutral, or negative responses. Our reporting tools then will give you the ability to quickly filter by negative comments and fix problem areas.

Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Start With a Survey Template

The customer satisfaction template will include a Net Promoter Score question, a follow-up question, and a google review option, which only shows if customers marked a 9 or 10 on for the Net Promoter Score. The template will automaiclly create custom Net Proce Score reports to track results.

Send Surveys & Collect Data

Our survey software enables you to send emails, create survey links, include a QR code in paper receipt, or send text messages. If your organization is large, we can help you setup an automated solution. For example, anytime a customer pays, we send them a text message 30 minutes after that process.

Even a survey link on an order conformation page or inside an email is beneficial. Custom data, such as store location, can be added to survey links, helping you to segment and filter results.

Upload Employees and Managers

The customer satisfaction module includes a section where you can upload employee and manger emails and names. This enables your organization to automatically give access of results to specific people. Employees can track feedback specific to them, mangers can see feedback for a whole store or region.

Establish Benchmarks

Once you run your first customer satisfaction survey, our software gives you the ability to view your scores over time. Spot months that were lower than average, higher than average, and even compare your organization to other organizations.

Filter and sort open ended feedback to see what is driving your score. Share results with other mangers, take action, and see your scores improve.

Segmentation Analysis

Net Promoter scores may vary across different segments such as age, gender, or customer location). By using segments your organization can better address customer needs.

Employees, store managers, and regional mangers all get their own access with our customer experience module. Everyone in your organization will have the ability to see segments that matter to them.

Market Research

Good customer survey software should also help you identify new opportunities. Is your company releasing product, but not sure how to price it, or what are the most important features?

Our platform also gives you the ability to use MaxDiff and Conjoint questions, to make sure you are offering the right products.

Customer Survey Tips

  • Newly established business should Include additional questions such as age or gender to be better understand their customer base.
  • A survey doesn't need to be sent to every single customer on every transaction. You can survey new customers only or survey every 10 customers or transactions. We can help you set this process up!
  • Your customer feedback program should revolve around Net Promoter Score. This number should have high visibility in your organization.

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