How to Increase Google Reviews With Surveys

Customer Feedback surveys are the perfect way to increase Google reviews. Funnel happy customers to Google, address unhappy customers internally. Perfect for businesses wanting to build up their online reputation.

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I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better - Elon Musk

Add surveys to paper receipts, emails, or product packaging. The surveys can contain a question asking for a Google review.

To limit negative reviews, and increase positive reviews, the review question will only be displayed for promoters of your brand.

The surveys can include additional questions to provide your business with valuable customer satisfaction data, such as tracking NPS.

Increase Google Reviews, Improve Rankings

Google reviews are one of the most popular and convenient review tools. Roughly 64% of consumers check with Google reviews before visiting a business.

Generally speaking, the more positive reviews your business has, the higher it will be ranked on search engines. A higher ranking means more traffic, more customers, and more revenue!

To increase positive reviews and limit negative reviews, SurveyKing incorporates display logic into your survey. Let's say for question #1 you ask for the Net Promoter Score Rating.

If a customer marks 9 or 10, then later in the survey they will be asked if they would like to leave a Google review. If they mark yes, they are redirected to your Google review page after survey completion. If a customer marks 8 or less on the Net Promoter question, then the review prompt is never displayed, and the negative feedback can be handled internally.

Net Promoter Score

You might not be familiar with a Net Promoter Score question! Basically Net Promoter Score asks a simple question, "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague"? The results are score from -100 to 100. A high score indication your customers thing highly of your company and are more likely to "promote" your business with positive word of mouth recommendations, and leave positive reviews.

Since Net Promoter Score is just one simple number, it should become a staple inside your organization. This number should be tracked, at least monthly, to gauge how well your brand is performing. SurveyKing offers unique dashboards to easily track your Net Promoter Score.

net promoter score explained

Caputre Crucial Data

A survey tool can go beyond helping to capture reviews, it can help drive your business forward with data. Being able to quantify the needs of your customers leads to repeat business, more revenue, and more satisfied customers willing to leave reviews.

Survey questions like MaxDiff can help identify what users truly value. Conjoint analysis can help you organization with product research and pricing decisions.

Tips for Increasing Google Reviews

Setup Google My Business Admin - This listing should include your full business name and address along with your business industry/category. If you have more than one location, add those, and funnel specific reviews to those locations.

Send out a monthly email - We recommend sending a simple email with a survey link. The link would include the Google review. This method will help increase positive reviews, while giving your team the ability to act on negative survey responses internally

Avoid buying reviews - Fake reviews can easily be spotted by people and machines. These types of reviews signal mistrust with your customers.

Address negative reviews quicky - Google offers the ability to be automatically notified when customers leave reviews. We recommend setting this feature up.

Use print media - Physical store fronts like restaurants or retailers, should include print media with QR codes for the survey. These QR codes could be placed on shopping carts, near checkout, on paper receipts, or even product packaging. This will encourage feedback on the spot.

Beyond Google - Capture reviews for other social media platforms as well. You can use the survey review feature with Facebook and Yelp.

General Survey Tips

Welcome any feedback - Even a small amount of feedback is beneficial. You never know what problems you will find or what types of suggestions you may encounter!

Keep it short - A short survey will increase response rates. One page with roughly 5 questions should be enough to capture actionable data

Use NPS - ALWAYS include a Net Promoter Score question. The simple number should be a metric that is constantly monitored by your organization.

How We Can Help

  • Build and manage custom HTML survey invitations, like the one shown above. These would be automated based on customer actions, or touchpoints. To endure deliver these emails would be sent from your domain which customer recognize!
  • Helping you find your Google review link
  • Creating your survey, advising on question types to add, and a walkthrough of the reporting sections

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