GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union. This section deals with how SurveyKing is in compliance with GDPR.

Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency

By signing up for SurveyKing, you give us consent to process any personal information. This personal information includes but is not limited to IP addresses and billing information entered, user email addresses, survey questions, survey answers, survey responses, and email recipient information (email address, names, or other information uploaded). You give us this consent until you request to close your account in writing.

SurveyKing does not store credit card or bank account numbers. We use a third party,, to process payments. Only when an additional agreement is made do we store bank account numbers, checks, or other official information necessary to collect payments.

SurveyKing has all servers located Ohio, USA.

SurveyKing does not sell data to third parties. SurveyKing may use data to create reports and statistics for internal stakeholders such as investors. This includes concepts such as listing customers by location or industry type.

When comping reports, we may include phrases or concepts found in survey questions, answers, or responses. If a company wishes to restrict the use of concepts found in the survey, even for internal SurveyKing business purposes, a non-disclosure agreement would need to be explicitly entered into.

Purpose Limitation

SurveyKing processes personal information so users can conduct surveys. We only use the information to improve our product and continue to offer survey services.

Data Minimization

We only collect the data needed to conduct business. This includes user email, IP address, billing address, and last four digits of payment cards used.


Personal identifying information collected, such as email and billing address, can be changed at any time by the user. For surveys that include respondents' personal information, the user can edit information within the UI. If information appears incorrect, a support request can be made to update it.

Storage Limitation

We store all data indefinitely until it is requested in writing to remove data (including from backups). We do this because users may need to access their survey results, past invoices, or other related information at any time.

Integrity and Confidentiality

SurveyKing conducts regular testing for threats such as penetration testing. SurveyKing takes regular backups of the databases, which are also stored indefinitely. SurveyKing limits the access to the database to only a few select employees.

Integrity and Confidentiality

SurveyKing conduct regular testing for threats such as penetration testing. The SurveyKing database(s) has access limited to only select employees.


SurveyKings internal policies represent that of the above six core principles of GDPR. SurveyKing is committed to the above six core principles of the GDPR. A copy of the Data Processing Agreement between you and SurveyKing is available upon request.

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