Creating a Transactional Survey

Need to collect feedback after a customer makes a purchase? SurveyKing can help you create the perfect transactional survey to capture actional customer satisfaction data.

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Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves- Steve Jobs

Transactional surveys are the perfect way to collect customer satisfaction data. Data captured from a transactional survey can help determine product pricing, product offerings, and ultimately help drive revenue growth.

SurveyKing offers numerous features to help you create perfect transactional survey and collect the data you need.

Our Approach to Transactional Surveys

Survey Link Collector

The easiest way to collect feedback from a transaction is to use a survey link collector. The survey link can be added to the receipt page after payment confirmation is complete. This requires only a few lines of code, and the entire survey process is automated.

Meta data, such as an order amount, item category, or even customer zip code or region can be added to the link. This meta data enables you to quickly filter and compare results based on product or region. as an example, you may notice your Net Promoter score for is higher in one region compared to another. Relationships like this can help you identify what is contributing to purchases.

Transactional Survey - Email Method

Another emoted to collecting responses after a transaction would be to include an link inside of an email receipt. This method would be similar to the web link, but the survey link would be placed inside of an HTML email template. Meta data can added to the link included in the customer email to help filter and segment the results.

A customer can take the survey at their convenience. Often companies will include the same survey on the receipt page and the email receipt. This will increase the chance a customer submits a response. Adding meta data can help your IT department internally tack responses, and not include the survey link inside of the email receipt if the survey has already been taken on the receipt page.

Below is an example of email receipt with a transactional survey. Click the link, and look a the URL of the survey. It contains custom meta data that pertains to the order!

Using Advanced Question Types

Adding question types like MaxDiff or Net Promoter Score will help you collect higher quality data from your customers.

A MaxDiff question will uncover what your customers value most. You could get options about new product releases, web site layouts, and more.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question will help you measure customer satisfaction and loyalty with one simple number. You can view your NPS score against industry benchmarks or can create reports to see how the numbers is trending over time.

Transactional Survey Tips

  • Keep the survey short! No one wants to be overwhelmed with a long and intrusive survey. A shorter survey will also have higher completion rates.
  • Get your IT department invoiced to help automate the process of inserting meta data into your links. If you need help at any point, please contat us.
  • ALWAYS include a Net Promoter Score question. The simple number should be a metric that is constantly monitored by your organization.
  • Try to include an open ended text question. This will let customers add suggestions or expand on issues they may have encountered. While this question may create a large volume of data to sort though., it can be invaluable in the making improvements.

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