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Need to collect honest feedback from employees or people in your organization? SurveyKing can help, with a truly anonymous online survey feature.

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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth - Oscar Wilde

Employee surveys are notoriously a source of mistrust. Employees generally submit answers that aren’t consistent with how they feel for fear of repercussions.

SurveyKing offers the ability to send out anonymous email links and anonymous email messages, while maintaining the ability to draw meaningful conclusions from your data.

The Anonymous Survey Link

Our anonymous surveys include a logo on each survey where your audience can click to learn how SurveyKing protects identities. Only one anonymous survey link is available per survey.

Meta data can be added to the anonymous survey link helping you to further segment and filter your results. For example you want to compare answers in two different geographical regions. Or you want to compare year over years results. SurveyKing use k-anonymity to protect the identities of respondents when meta data is included with the survey link.

K-Anonymity Explained

Meta data included in your survey is extremely valuable. Being able to spot trends in different regions or even compare results over time relies on that meta data. Other survey tools strip this data out, limiting your ability to use draw conclusions or take action from your data. SurveyKing appears keeps the meta data included in your survey, but our system will restrict you from filtering or creating cross tabulations (creating rules) when your search results return less than fifty (50) responses.

In addition to the fifty response threshold, our system will also check to make sure at least fifty unique devices have submitted responses.

As a final preventive measure, our system will not allow any rules for meta data if there are less than fifty unique attributes in a meta data field. For example, if you sent a survey to the "Boston" and "New York" region, but only collected twenty "Boston" responses, our system will prevent any rules based on any meta data. This eliminated the possibility of the owner of a survey indirectly identifying respondents, or putting meta data into the survey that can be easily identified.

Anonymous Email Surveys

Anonymous email surveys offer you the ability to upload a list of contacts and send out the survey automatically though our system. Just like the anonymous link meta data can be added to the email invitation. Only one anonymous email invitation is available per survey.

You will not have access to see who has completed the survey or not. You only see a button that can be locked to "Send Reminders"

Anonymous Survey Tips

  • Communicate with your employees that the survey will be anonymous. Even direct them to the SurveyKing site to get better understanding of the process.
  • If using your software to email links or if using our anonymous email invitation, communicate with employees that they can review the URL of the survey link with coworkers. The links should all be the same, meaning you (the survey author) isn’t pulling any tricks.
  • Take advantage of k-anonymity and add meta data to the survey. The most common use of meta data is create comparisons for year over year. These year over year comparisons are crucial to making your data actionable.
  • Try not to ask any identifying information such as employee region. This may subconsciously trigger mistrust. Instead rely on adding that information as custom meta data and using our k-anonymity feature to automatically protect identities.

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