One License - Unlimited Use

Give students and faculty the tools to collect better data

The Benefits of an Academic License

Since launching in 2016, SurveyKing has provided countless students, faculty, and administrators the tools needed to capture and quantify feedback. From MBA classes focused on market research, all the way to campus safety surveys, we've been there to help.

Giving Students Access to Unique Tools

In 2019, we acquired over 1,700 academic related users. Over 60% of these users created surveys with 10+ questions, used advanced logic, built custom reports, took advantage of sentiment analysis, or used a text message collector – all features that are more expensive or not available on other platforms.

The majority of these academic related users were acquired organically via a search engine; meaning when they created an account, they did not know what survey software to use for their project. A single license for a entire institution, ensures everyone has a go to tool available with no limitations.

The unique features listed below aren't avaiable on simple platforms, or very costly for a single user on larger platforms.

Sentiment Analysis:

Using natural language processing, our system automatically labels responses to opened ended questions as “positive”, “negative” or “neutral”, This eliminates the need to manually go though and read each answer and offers a way to quickly understand an audience.

Only include certain questions, drag and drop new question data, filter questions locally, and share reports with one click. The shared reports can be manipulated as needed by end users, enabling them to draw their own conclusions from the data. An example report can be seen here.

Truly Anonymous Responses:

SurveyKing is one of the only platforms to put a banner on each anonymous survey guaranteeing identities are protected. The banner also contains a link, where respondents can click to understand the process on how identities are protected.

SurveyKing is the only company that offers k-anonymity. This means that unless you collect more than five responses for a certain characteristic, the results will never be shown. For example, if you tried to filter the survey for a particular student name or ID, there would only be one match, and thus the results would not show. If you tried to filter by student first name only, and there were less than five matches, no results would be displayed.

Other survey platforms strip all meta data from responses that are marked anonymous. This in turn would prevent a school from drilling into important metrics (e.g. segmenting results by as subject, instructor, student demographic)

MaxDiff Analysis:

MaxDiff is a question type that forces respondents to pick what is most and least important in a data set. Often used in marketing classes to understand what an audience or target market truly values.

Report Building:

Drag and drop report builder with the ability to share or embed survey reports with one click; helping to streamline presentations.

Text Message Surveys:

On the SurveyKing platform, text message surveys average a 46% response rate compared to a 38% for email. Tools that increase response rates, enables access to more data.

Get Started

Contact us to get setup. This license enables anyone with a specific domain to receive an upgraded account automatically. For example, if “” is your institutions domain, then anyone with a "" email address is upgraded the moment they create an account.

This license also comes with a promotional code, that can be applied for users that don’t have the specified email.