Custom Branded Surveys

White Label Surveys Explained + Examples

Definition: A white label survey allows you to customize the survey URL to match your company’s domain. When this feature is combined with a custom survey design, your company has a fully branded survey.

With this feature enabled, instead of using in the URL address bar, you would use (or your company) for each survey you create.

Need help? This feature may require help from your IT department. Contact us at any point, we're happy to help!

Interactive White Label Survey Example

A white label survey is commonly used to collect customer feedback. The below example is an email receipt that contains a survey link. Click the red link below, and look at the survey URL!

Helpful placeholder image text

We appreciate your business!

Here's your order details:
1 New Laptop $450
Billed To: Card Ending: 1958
Expiring: 02/22

John Doe
1300 Example Rd.
New York, NY

Please take our survey, to help us improve.


Thanks for the purchase!


The Benefits of White Label Surveys

Higher Completion Rates, Honest Feedback

Since your customers have already built trust with your product or service, seeing a consistent brand on the survey request will maintain that trust, leaning to higher completion rates and honest feedback.

Boost Client Services

A white label survey feature allows you to brand the SurveyKing platform as your own. With the help of the API, you can create and send surveys on behalf of your clients. As a result, your clients will see a consistent brand on their surveys, boosting the number of products and services you can offer your client.

Choosing a White Label Survey Platform

A good white label survey platform should include enough options to fully customize the URL, customize the style, and offer enough tools to help capture the data you need.

A True White Label

Many platforms don't offer an actual white label, even though they advertise it. These platforms sometimes redirect all surveys to a ".net" domain they own or create a custom subdomain on their own servers. (for example,

Design Options

Being able to remove default branding is essential. But it is also necessary to be able to upload your company branding. In addition, you can include custom HTML & CSS headers and footers in SurveyKing to match your brand further. Often other platforms leave these features out.

Research Tools

Question types Like MaxDiff, Conjoint, and Gabor Granger enable you to collect actionable data that your company can use to build better products. For example, MaxDiff and Conjoint help identify important product features, while Gabor Granger enables you to find an optimal price range for a product.

How to Setup a White Label Survey

On the SurveyKing platform, creating a white label survey involves a few steps:

1) Choose the subdomain you want to use and input this into you account setting page. In the example above, the subdomain is "surveys." A subdomain is an extension of your domain name and appears before the domain name at the front of the URL.

2) Upload the two records into your DNS settings that we give you. You will upload a CNAME record that points to "" You will also upload a TXT record which is used to generate the SSL on your website.

3) Choose how you want survey links and QR codes to be displayed in your account settings section. You can select any subdomain you create (for example, or revert to the standard SurveyKing links.

4) Design and upload any custom headers or footers. These can be used to customize the survey design to match your brand.

The survey should also be redirect to your website and not SurveyKing upon survey completion. We recommend creating a custom thank you page on your company website. You can set up all your surveys to then be directed to that page after responses are submitted.

Secure Data, SSL Encryption

We require all white labels to use HTTPS. This ensures data is encrypted between SurveyKing and all respondents. Because we force HTTPS, we need the use of an SSL certificate. We create the SSL certificate automatically, which is why uploading the DNS TXT record is necessary.