White Label Surveys

Including an Interactive Example

Our white label feature allows you to customize the URL of each survey with your own URL. For example, instead of showing surveyking.com, in the URL bar you could show surveys.test-corporation.com for each survey you create. This gives you the power to make SurveyKing appear to be your own software!

Industry Leading! This feature is not available on most systems. Feel free to contact us at any time for help getting this set up.

Interactive Example

The most common use of white label surveys is for transactional surveys. You would include a link on your site to a survey on SurveyKing, but with a white label, the link would be from your own company. The below example has a link to a survey embedded in the email. Click the red link below, and look at the URL of the survey!

Helpful placeholder image text

We appreciate your business!

Here's your order details:
1 New HP Laptop $450
Billed To: Card Ending: 1958
Expiring: 02/22

John Doe
1300 Example Rd.
New York, NY

Please take our survey! We appreciate your feedback. We use the data to make our products better.


Thanks for being a great customer.


Why is SSL info Needed for White Labeling?

When you white label your survey, traffic to your survey subdomain will go directly to SurveyKing servers. By providing the SSL certificate and private key pair you use for your domain, you can prevent browser security warnings when your respondents take your white labeled survey. To protect you and your data, SurveyKing forces SSL on all parts of our site at all times.

Where to get an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate can be acquired at an SSL registrar. Often you can purchase an SSL from the same company through which you registered your domain. You can learn more about purchasing one here.

If you do not have an SSL certificate, you can purchase one from several sources. If you do not control the server hosting your domain, you will need to involve your IT department or webmaster.


Go to "My Account" and click "Add a CNAME". Here you will need to add the following information. Once this information is added, please allow up to 30 minutes for changes to take effect.

Important! These SSL fields should include text like "-----Begin Certificate-----". 5 leading and trailing dashes are needed. This information needs to be included for your white labels to work. Please contact us at any time for assistance.

Steps Needed:

Step / Field Description
SSL Certificate Setup Get an SSL certificate for your domain, e.g test-corporation.com, and be sure to include the subdomain (e.g surveys.test-corporation.com) you want to use here with that SSL certificate.
Enter Domain/Subdomain You need to enter your domain, along with the subdomain you wish to use. The subdomain is the part that comes before your regular domain. (e.g: surveys.test-corporation.com)
Public Key/Certificate: This is purchased from an SSL registrar and is generally downloadable from their site after purchase.
Private Key This is generated with your CSR request string that you provide to your SSL provider. Typically it is generated on your server but is sometimes generated by the SSL provider and provided with the SSL certificate.
Chain 1 This usually contains multiple certificates and is provided with the SSL certificate after purchasing it.