Summary Survey Results - View Your Aggregated Survey Data

Summary Survey Results - View Your Aggregated Survey Data

View all question data in a nice concise summary.

See our comprehensive reporting example to get a better idea.

How to Use

All questions will appear here. Each question comes with a chart and a response count. You can export the data to a spreasheet or a PDF.

You can right click on any chart to save a copy of them.

Filtering Results

One of the more powerful features of SurveyKing, is the ability to filter your summary results. Doing this can help you spot trends. For example maybe question #1 of yuor survey is "Did you like visiting our store?" and question #2 asks "What is your age?". You can then filter by qustion #2 age and might see that a younger age bracket likes your store more than an older age bracket. This can help you decide on what markets you want to target.

Up to three report filters can be added at once.

Filtering Logic

A single Filter Rule uses OR logic within the filter. This means any respondents who fit at least one of the filter’s criteria are shown. For example, if you're filtering by question and answer and select two answer options (A and B), the filter will include any respondent who chose EITHER answer option A OR answer option B.

When multiple Filters Rules are applied at once, they are combined using AND logic. This means that only results that meet both Filter Rules are shown—a response must meet the criteria of all filters to be included in the filtered dataset.

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