Contingency Tables & Cross Tabulation Analysis

Contingency Tables & Cross Tabulation Analysis

In statistics, a contingency table (also known as a cross tabulation or crosstab) is a report in a matrix format that displays the frequency distribution of the variables that are being compared. If you want to see how two questions relate to each other, creating this "comparison" report in SurveyKing will do just that. This is key to finding trends or relationships in your data.

Let's get started with an interactive example below!

Example Question Comparison - (Net Promoter Score)   

How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Comparison Criteria

Count Percent
Answer Choice Total Survey ResponsesQ. 2 - 17 and youngerQ. 2 - 18-24Q. 2 - 25-34Q. 2 - 35-44Q. 2 - 45-54Q. 2 - 55-64Q. 2 - 65-74Q. 2 - 75 and olderTotal Compared Responses
Promoters2050% 360% 975% 360% 125% 125% 133% 125% 133% 2050%
Passives1128% 120% 217% 120% 250% 250% 133% 125% 133% 1128%
Detractors923% 120% 18% 120% 125% 125% 133% 250% 133% 923%
Net Promoter ® Score28 40 67 40 0 0 0 -25 0 28
Totals (w/o NPS Score) 400% 5100% 12100% 5100% 4100% 4100% 3100% 4100% 3100% 40100%

The Importance of Cross Tabulation

If we look at the above example, we can see the columns shaded in blue are the survey responses to this question in total. The question is asking for the respondents' Net Promoter Score®. This question has been cross tabulated, with age range from another question.

From this we can see that the total of the blue columns match the total of the green columns. All data has been accounted for, and is properly segmented by age. Looking at the green shaded cells we can now look at the relationships in our data. We can see right away that it appears the younger age groups (especially 18-24) have contributed to a higher Net Promoter Score®. This result can also be easily seen in the graph above.

A feature unique to SurveyKing is the ability to toggle response counts with response percentages. This makes your data table clean and easy to follow along with. You can also export this table to a spreadsheet at any time by clicking the green "Export" button.

Getting Comparisons Set Up in SurveyKing

From the results screen click on "Comparison Report". This will bring up a screen where you can choose the segments you want to look at for the report. Choose from the dropdown the criteria question you want to compare. Select your answer choice then click "Add Segment". This segment will now be shown on the left hand side of the screen. When you have added all segments you wish, simply click the "Create Report" button.

Compatible Survey Questions

At this time only certain questions are compatible with this report type. We are working to improve our reporting capabilities.

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