Individual Survey Results

Here you can view all of your respondents' answers one by one. You can filter the list of respondents by a criteria, and then only select from a list that meets this criteria. This results format is ideal for surveys that are geared towards lead generation or employee feedback. You can print out a PDF of the results and go over each respondent along with a client or employee.

How to Use

When the page is loaded you will see the first respondent's results. You can click the "Next" or "Previous" buttons to cycle through the respondents. You can also select the respondent you wish to view in the dropdown.

By default, only 50 respondents will be available for viewing. Upgraded members can view unlimited responses.

Exporting Results

You can export each respondent's results to PDF. Simply click the "Generate PDF" button. Here is an example PDF.

At this time exports cannot be done in batch. Each respondent's results would need to be exported individually.