Individual Survey Results - How to Analyze Your Survey Data

How to View Survey Results For Each Respondent

View every respondents answers in a grid like spreadsheet.

See our comprehensive reporting example to get a better idea.

How to Use

Only respondents that have completed a survey will appear here. For example if an email invitation was sent to 50 people and only respondent #4 replied, you will only see respondent #4 here.

By default only 50 rows of data will show initially. If you want more to show, simply click the dropdown at the top of thee grid. Free members can only view the first 100 responses per survey. Upgraded members can view unlimited responses.

Analyzing Your Results

You export the grid to excel in the exact format that is shown on the web page.

Harness the power of spreadsheets and contact support to help setup advanced formulas and / or macros. We have a team of data exports ready to tackle your needs.

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