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Collect & Understand Student Feedback

Capturing and analyzing student feedback is important to improving the classroom experience. With SurveyKing's academic module, capturing and understanding student feedback is easy.

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Student Feedback Survey Data

Getting Setup

Simply create a survey from scratch or use our classroom survey template. During the drafting process, the survey can be shared with faculity and marked with comments.

The survey should be no more than 10 questions. A shorter survey ensures higher completion rates. Question and page skip logic can be included to give the students a more tailored survey experience.

An instructor, student, and class list is created and uploaded in Excel form to the "Projects" section of the administrator account (we work with schools to organize this data). Once the list is submitted, a survey link will be created for each of the students' classes.

Once the student list is uploaded, our system automatically creates an account for the student where they can view their course surveys. The system also automatically emails the students their survey links in dashboard form. (example below)

Tracking Responses and Surveys

The academic module of SurveyKing includes various ways for students and faculty to track surveys. The list below contains live examples:

  • Student Dashboard - Used by students to track course surveys. This will be emailed out to each student, and a similar dashboard will also show up in their SurveyKing account
  • Administrator Account - Usually a dean or principal. Here you can track how many students have completed the survey by each professor.
  • Instructor Account - The instructor can view results specific to them and track student survey completion

Powerful Data Tools

Flexible Reporting:

Unique to SurveyKing is the ability to create custom reports with your survey data. Only include certain questions, drag and drop new question data, filter questions locally, and share reports with one click. The shared reports can be manipulated as needed by end users, enabling them to draw their own conclusions from the data. An example report can be seen here.

Truly Anonymous Responses:

SurveyKing is the only company that offers k-anonymity. This means that unless you collect more than five responses for a certain characteristic, the results will never be shown. For example, if you tried to filter the survey for a particular student name or ID, there would only be one match, and thus the results would not show. If you tried to filter by student first name only, and there were less than five matches, no results would be displayed.

Most competitors, strip all meta data from responses that are marked anonymous. This in turn would prevent a school from drilling into important metrics (e.g. segmenting results by as subject, instructor, student demographic, etc.)

Automatic Sentiment Analysis:

Using natural language processing and machine learning, our software will automatically categorize answers to open ended (text) questions into positive, negative, or neutral buckets, revealing the emotion behind what students are saying. You can then quickly filter or compare data based on these categories.

Additionally, our software will detect if any gibberish or non stranded words have been submitted, thus eliminating garbage data.

Title IX Analysis:

Similar to sentiment analysis, SurveyKing offers the ability to automatically identify answers to open ended questions that might be Title IX compliance violations. This feature saves administrators hours of work combing through answers manually. The survey results can be filtered to show responses that have been flagged. These filtered results can then be shared with the proper reporting channels, while keeping student identities anonymous.

Segmenting Results:

The reporting section also gives you the ability to create comparisons, or pivots of your data. You can segment results based on subject, student age, professor tenure, and more. This gives faculty the ability to spot hidden trends and relationships within the data.

Get Started

Contact us to get setup. The license for this academic module includes unlimited use of the product for students and faculty. This package would eliminate the need for students to purchase survey software.