5 Web Consultants to Use in 2023: Design + Development

Definition: A web consultant can update an existing website design, create a custom website, help increase traffic, recommend layout changes, optimize SQL databases, and help implement analytics across your organization. A good web consulting service should be well-versed in design and familiar with various front-end and back-end programming languages.

These five web consulting companies discussed in this article are great resources to help ensure your business can meet its objectives by improving or designing your website.

Before diving into a detailed review of each consultant, we will explain some skills that a consulting firm should possess; this will ensure you can pick the right consultant.

What Skills Should a Web Consultant Possess?

Often, a web project will have many components—everything from general design and flow to front-end logic and back-end analytics. Hiring a consultant with these skills will help ensure your project can be completed from start to finish with no additional help needed.

General Design

A website design includes color schemes, the general style of the site, fonts, how the layout displays on desktop vs. mobile, and the user flow. Using tools such as Figma make it easy for a consultant to create and share various layouts with the client.

The key, of course, to a good website design is a consultant that is artistic and creative. Being grounded in analytics and utilizing feedback is also crucial. A consultant that uses tools like A/B testing and user feedback will be able to get the possible design result, and a web design agency can help you with these aspects. 

Front-End Programming

Having a great design is only part of the equation. A great website also needs to be highly functional, requiring front-end frameworks to make the website interactive, such as an ecommerce website.

A consultant should be familiar with the following frameworks: ReactJs, Vue, or Angular. These frameworks make it easy to reuse code. These frameworks also make it possible to make calls to the back end to save data; any interactive customer site needs to be able to store and retrieve customer data.

Frequently many projects need a minor website redesign along with the implementation of a new front-end framework. These two combinations can solve many business challenges and produce a website that is maintainable and can be easily expanded.

Back-End Programming

Any website’s backend makes it possible to store and recall data. Some types of server languages, such as PHP or Node.js, make it possible to communicate with a relational database in addition to helping with other server-side processing tasks.

SQL is the backbone of data management. When you save and recall data, that will be done using SQL queries. More complex websites may need to join multiple tables and or engineer a data structure that scales for thousands of users and millions of records.


A consultant with a well-rounded analytical skill set can help with various tasks to help improve your website. Here are some common examples:

  • MaxDiff and conjoint studies can be used to recommend new or additional product features.
  • AB testing tools like Optimizely.
  • Hotjar heatmaps to help identify the most clicked elements on a page or rage clicks.
  • If you have a lot of data about past purchases, you can run regression analysis in the R statistical program to identify trends for the most popular products sold.

Search Engine Optimization

Driving traffic to your website is critical for growth. A consultant that understands this and can help improve your search engine rank is essential. Of course, there are many fundamental aspects to increasing your web presence. Still, a consultant focused on delivering great products, designing a great layout, and writing excellent content can help in this area.

Business Oriented

Utilizing a consulting firm with business professionals on staff can help identify additional bottlenecks that other web consultants might miss.

Consider an example of a manufacturing company that wanted a simple website update. But the company also needs the ability to track labor hours per job. A good consultant may recommend expanding the current project score to include a React framework with a simple SQL database linking to the accounting GL for easy reporting.

With this approach, the client not only gets a better first impression from customers visiting the site; they also solve a crucial business need and can run their operations more efficiently.

1. SurveyKing Consulting

SurveyKing is an excellent web consulting service because it offers front and back-end development, graphic design assistance, and data analysis support.

Being a major online survey platform and statistical consulting firm, SurveyKing web consulting gives you access to a large company’s resources while having a personalized approach. The approach to web consulting for SurveyKing consulting is simple:

  1. Design an elegant, user-friendly website.
  2. Help the client implement analytics.
  3. Scale up for growth.

A consultation starts with understanding your business needs, creating prototypes in Figma, implementing the code in a test environment, then assisting with the analytics and data needed.

SurveyKing Consulting Key Points

  • Simple pricing. $50 an hour. No project is too small.
  • An approach to web design that focuses on simplicity and user-friendless.
  • Well-versed in the React front-end framework.
  • SQL experts. Having already built a scalable web application driven by SQL and statics, that expertise is shared to help complete client projects.
  • Employs accounting professionals (CPAs) to assist with complex business requirements that might arise during a project scope.

2. Webcomplete.io

Webcomplete.io is another website consulting firm that bases its approach around simplicity and user-friendliness, in addition to focusing on website speed.

A unique feature of Web Complete is its illustration and icon design offerings. Being experts in utilizing tools like Adobe Illustrator, they create all the artwork needed to match your brand. Unfortunately, some web consultants may outsource this work leading to bottlenecks.

Designing custom WordPress themes is also a service offered by Web Complete. While WordPress is ideal for all solutions, it is suitable for clients who wish to easily edit and maintain the site. Once a custom WordPress theme is designed, maintenance is simple, even for customers without coding experience.

In addition to the design work, this consultant will also help with on-page SEO and utilize tools like Google Analytics to help understand and boost user engagement. Their on-page SEO approach has helped many clients achieve first-page rankings, including the #1 spot with featured snippets.

Web Complete Consulting Key Points

  • Easy to schedule a consultation to go over the project details.
  • Focused on user-friendless and website speed.
  • Their services include illustration and design help.
  • The firm will help with on-page SEO and analytics.

3. Fresh Consulting

With a focus on software and design, Fresh Consulting is a great consulting option for your web-based project. Their UX and UI design services have been used to create fabulous layouts and branding for various clients on websites, mobile applications, and touchscreen devices.

They offer many excellent services to help meet and exceed your goals, but their web development service is excellent. Fresh Consulting will have you covered in creating a content management system, custom WordPress development, one-page analytics, and 3D modeling.

Fresh Consulting is a fantastic option if you need a company to handle nearly every aspect of your project. They offer video production services, print media design, industrial design prototyping, AI and machine learning services, and even manufacturing automation solutions.

Fresh Consulting Key Points

  • Strong focus on UX and UI development, which can be translated into websites or mobile applications.
  • Offers video and other media production services; perfect for helping create engaging content for your web project.
  • Website and mobile app development along with server configuration.
  • Manufacturing automation solutions, potentially solving production issues alongside a web project.

4. Digital Silk

Having designed brand name websites such as Northwestern University, Digital Silk is an excellent consulting firm for your web-based project. They offer branding strategies, custom software devolvement, and web design services.

Digital Silk branding strategy services will start your web development project on the right track. They will create a brand book with color palettes, logos, typography (font), and photo treatments. The branding service also comes with a communication strategy, and ensuing brand messaging is consistent.

Software design is another core service of Digital Silk. With consultants skilled in various languages and platforms, they can create a custom application for iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux.

Digital Silk Key Points

  • Has helped brand names build great websites.
  • Services include branding and communication strategies, ensuring consistency across your applications.
  • A strong and versatile approach to general software devolvement, meaning your web project can be expanded to various platforms as needed.

5. Americaneagle

Americaneagle.com offers web design services in addition to digital marketing, managed hosting, and technology training, making it a well-rounded consulting firm able to help complete complex projects.

For their managed hosting solution, a unique offering is an ability to handle load tests. Load tests will help ensure your application can perform when there is a lot of traffic to your website. For ecommerce websites, this can be a significant feature, as even just a few seconds of downtime can lead to missed revenue.

Partnerships with other platforms are also a unique feature of Americaneagle. For example, if your company wants to utilize software like Salesforce or BigCommerce, then using Americaneagle as a consultant will help you ensure proper setup and training for your staff.

Amercianeagle Key Points

  • Services include web and mobile app design in addition to digital marketing.
  • Managed hosting includes load tests.
  • They have various partnerships with platforms like Salesforce and BigCommerce. They can provide development and support for these tools.
  • Artificial intelligence consulting services are offered.
  • Live support chat.

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