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Need assisatnce in building your customer satisfaction survey? Capture actionable customer feedback. Our experts will walk you through the creation, distribution, and analysis process. We can also build a tailored solution for your organization!

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very important- Jeff Bezos

Capturing customer feedback is important to ensure your organization is meeting customer needs.

The online survey market is cluttered with tools, many of which are low quality, highly priced, or hard to use. Having a company to help guide you through the process can be extremely valuable.

Whether it's a transactional survey or a relationship survey, we have you covered.

Our Approach to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Transactional Surveys

Data captured from a transactional survey (after a user makes a purchase) can help determine product pricing, product offerings, and ultimately help drive revenue growth.

The easiest way to collect feedback from a transaction is to use a survey link collector. The survey link can be added to the receipt page after payment confirmation is complete.

View our transactional survey template

Relationship Surveys

An annual, semiannual, or evenly monthly customer survey can referred to as a "Relationship Survey". These types of surveys are not tied back to a specific transactions, but sent periodically.

The goal of a relationship survey is to measure and track how loyal you’re customers are to the brand. The most important question to include on these types if surveys is a Net Promoter Score question. This gives you one number from -100 to 100 to determine brand loyalty. That number can be compared to other business in your industry, or compared against other industries to see how well you are doing.

View our customer relationship survey template

Advanced Features

Many organizations aren’t aware of survey features that could help them collect better data! For example a MaxDiff question can be used to ask customers what new products they would most and least interested in. This type of data can help guide new product offerings!

Meta data can be included with your surveys automatically. This meta data could include customer region, customer store, customer order amount. This data is included with the results and will help you segment and filter the survey responses, helping to spot hidden trends.

What We Can Help With

  • Creating your survey, advising on question types to add, or questions to ask
  • Helping you collect and automate customer meta data that can uploaded with your surveys.
  • Build and manage custom HTML survey invitations. To endure deliver these emails would be sent from your domain which customer recognize!
  • Walking you through the reporting process, building custom reports in pour report builder, or even working with your organizations IT department to automatically upload responses to your servers.
  • If your organization needs help organizing customer data we can also do that! Anything programming related, even if it's transforming and uploading Excel files, we can assist!

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