Input Box Question Type

The Single Textbox question allows you to collect short open-ended answers from respondents. You can also validate the question to require answers in a specific format. This question type is best, if you want to gather any type of open-ended response, usually when answers will vary greatly and can't be predefined.

Example Question


What is your biggest need with survey software?

Question Settings

For this question you can choose the following:

  • Require an answer (can not proceed until answered)
  • Character length (minimum or maximum)
  • Number range (minimum or maximum)


  • Using natural language processing and machine learning, our software will automatically categorize answers to open ended (text) questions into positive, negative, or neutral buckets, revealing the emotion behind what people are saying. You can then quickly filter or compare data based on these categories.Beta
  • Gibberish or non stranded words will also be detected, helping to eliminate garbage data.Beta
  • Similar to sentiment analysis, SurveyKing offers the ability to automatically identify answers to open ended questions that might be Title IX compliance violations. This feature saves administrators hours of work combing through answers manually. The survey results can be filtered to show responses that have been flagged. These filtered results can then be shared with the proper reporting channels, while keeping student identities anonymous.Beta
  • Will be displayed in a grid like format where you can search answers. The table will also contain a link where you can view each respondents individual answers.
  • You can filter results by what values the user entered for this question type.