Transactional Surveys

If you could find out what your customers think, would your organization improve? Absolutely! Capturing customer feedback is the most important reason your company needs to utilize an online survey tool. With transactional surveys you can make this process a breeze.

Want to Customize the URL for Your Surveys? Check out our white label feature.

Background & Interactive Example

A transactional survey is really just a link to your survey, with the ability to customize the variables within the URL. This manipulation is how you can relate a set of responses with a particular transaction, person, order, or purchase. The below example shows how this would look inside an email receipt. (red link at bottom of email)

Helpful placeholder image text

We appreciate your business!

Here's your order details:
1 New HP Laptop $450
Billed To: Card Ending: 1958
Expiring: 02/22

John Doe
1300 Example Rd.
New York, NY

Please take our survey! We appreciate your feedback. We use the data to make our products better.


Thanks for being a great customer.

Don't want to send via email? That's okay. You can setup the link to act as a button on the page a customer is redirected to after completing a purchase. Remember, don't hesitate to contact us for help getting set up.


Create your survey or form and then place this anchor tag inside an email message or on a web page! You can style the link to look like a button as needed.

<a href="">Take our survey!</a>


Option Description
Anonymous Responses Surveys will be labeled as anonymous to give respondents confidence that their answers cannot be tracked. For embedded surveys, this means hiding the IP address of the respondent.
Response Editing With this option, if a respondent clicks a survey they have already taken, they can edit their responses and re-submit a new, updated form.
Redirect URL You can enter in a URL for the respondent to be redirected to after they complete their survey.
Close Collector
(Based on Responses)
This will close the collector after a specified number of responses have been received.
Close Collector
(Based on Date)
This will close the collector on a certain date. You cannot accept new responses to a closed survey. You can re-open the survey at any time.
Password Protection A password must be entered before the respondent can access the survey page.