Demographics Question Type

Find out the demographics of your target audience. (can ask state, country, and/or zip code)

The benefit to this question is that results are displayed in a heat map. This not only makes analysis easy but can be available to make further decisions when combined with another question. For example take a hotel. They can ask the question "Where do you like to vacation?" From the below example it can be determined that the south region is popular.

They can filter the report by another question, maybe age, and the heat map would update accordingly.

When to Use It

If you need to find out a respondent's demographic information.

Options and Settings

For this question you can choose the following:


Results will be displayed in a heat map for the state sub-question. A table will be displayed for each sub-question with response count for state, country, and zip code. You can filter a survey based on the state, country, or zip code.

Individual results (displayed as a spreadsheet) will display the demographic as column headers and the respondent's answer below that.