A Checkbox Grid Survey Tutorial with Examples, Sample Data

Checkbox Grid Questions Explained

Definition: A checkbox grid question allows respondents to select multiple answer choices for each row inside of a table. Checkbox grid questions are used when you have similar sub questions (rows) and standard answer options (columns). The results for this question type include response counts for each row and column pair with the total response counts per row.

When to Use Checkbox Grid Questions

Checkbox grid questions are best used when you want to evaluate similar sub questions that have the same characteristics. For example, a marketing consultant could use a checkbox gird question to determine how consumer perceive brand names. The consulting agency might find consumers find all brand names to be trustworthy except for one, their client.

Interactive Example

For each brand name listed below, which characteristics do you perceive to be true? (check all that apply)
TrustworthyTrendyReliableHigh Quality
Brand A
Brand B
Brand C
Brand D

Other Checkbox Grid Examples

  • Survey questions that ask when people would be available on certain days (rows) and specific time slots (columns)
  • A personal trainer asking about what time of the day (columns) their clients eat certain foods (rows)
  • A research project where a teacher asks what political figures (rows) display certain leadership characteristics (columns)

Creating a Checkbox Grid Survey

To create a checkbox grid survey, simply create a survey as normal, and then add a checkbox grid question where you see fit. An unlimited number of rows can be included along with up to twenty (20) columns. To limit survey fatigue, we recommend including no more than twenty (20) rows and ten (10) columns.

For some surveys it could be beneficial to include an additional column at the end for "N/A" or "Not Applicable"

Additional question options:

  • Require an answer (can not proceed until answered - each row much at have one checkmark )
  • Display logic can be enabled for this question type - meaning this question will only show if previous questions have been answered a certain way

Checkbox Question Results

Results will include the response counts per each column and row with a resulting bar chart. The bar chart can help to easily visualize trends. Below you can quickly see that brand A has small response count of "Trustworthy". The excel export will display the rows as column headers and the respondent's answer/rating below that. If a respondent did not mark any columns for a specific row, then the resulting cell will be left blank.

Sample Data

Count Percent
High Quality
Response Totals
Brand A 25 76 65 119 285 0
Brand B 75 145 132 79 431 0
Brand C 76 43 118 139 376 0
Brand D 145 145 122 118 530 0

Checkbox Analysis by Segments

Creating a segment report for each checkbox grid question can help identify hidden trends. In the above example with the consultant, you might include a question in your survey that asks for the respondents' age range. You could then create a segment report (or a cross tabulation report) by age. The results would include the table shown above separated by age. You may notice only the younger age bracket doesn’t think the brand is trustworthy. The consulting agency could then use a more targeted approach to boost brand trust.