Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer feedback surveys are an integral tool of any organization or business to improve a product or customer experience. A successful customer satisfaction survey is short and simple. 10 - 15 questions max. Always use a Net Promoter Score® question to benchmark and gauge brand loyalty. You also want to use one open ended text question to be able to see where improvements are needed. This open ended feedback will be displayed as a word cloud for easy analysis.

Remember you can filter the results for a specific answer, for example people who are not satisfied with your product; this enables you to easily see where and how to improve.

This customer feedback survey template includes questions about how satisfied is the customer, do they think products are reliable, and how well does your company answer questions or concerns.

Number of questions: 10
Number of Pages: 1

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Great for new business to see what is currently attracting or not attracting new customers
  • Send this out via an email invitation to past customers so you can combine results with products they purchased or other general information
  • Customize as needed

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Respondents will lots of empty text boxes and determine that they simply don’t have time to complete the survey. Writing text is a lot more effort than checking a few boxes. Use more multiple-choice questions whenever you can.

Not Using a Progress Bar:

Progress bars let users assess how much longer they have to go, and allows them to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. This will help engage your respondents, and increase completion rates.

Not Including an Incentive:

The more motivated your respondents are to complete the survey, the more data you'll get! Include a promo code your respondents can use on their next purchase at the end of the survey.