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A donor feedback survey is a simple way for non-profit organizations to capture valuable feedback from donors. This survey gives insights into how donors view your organization and helps identify activities that donors would contribute to. Responses can be collected anonymously, to help collect critical feedback that donors may not be comfortable attaching their identity to.

Questions on this survey template include a Net Promoter Score, donation impact, donor recognition, and likelihood for future contributions. We include a MaxDiff question on this template to identify the most important actives donor want to be funded. Time and budget restraints can restrict the activities a non-profit can take on, MaxDiff helps you define what is most important.

Number of questions: 6

Collecting Anonymous Responses

The anonymous survey link is perfect to collect responses with this template. Donor identities will be protected, and meta data can even be included in the link, such as the donor's contribution range (e.g small, medium, large). The data can be collected yet kept anonymous, with our k-anonymity feature. This data is used to segment and filter the results. You may notice large donors value certain things over smaller donors.

Anonymous emails could be another method of data collection. This would also give you the ability to add custom meta data, while also giving you the ability to send reminders to donors who have yet taken the survey.

Questions Included

  • Net Promoter Score - To track donor satisfaction over time
  • How much of an impact do you feel your donation makes?
  • How well did our organization explain how your donation will be spent?
  • How well does our organization recognize donors for their contributions?
  • How likely are you to donate to our organization again?

Unique Question Types for Better Data

Asking simple multiple choice questions for department feedback might not paint the full picture of what your donors value. To get a more accurate assessment, a MaxDiff or Ranking question can be used. Both question types are unique to SurveyKing. We include a MaxDiff question on this template to ask donors how their funds could be used in the most impactful way

MaxDiff asks respondents to pick what is least and most important from a set of attributes, or in this case department improvements. Data from this question is actionable, and used to shape company decisions.

Of the following, which would be least and most impactful activty that your donation funds could be used for?
Least Important Most Important
Community clean up
More tutoring programs
Addiction programs

Donor Feedback Survey Sample Data

Simple multiple choice or dropdown questions, will include a bar or pie chart along with a data table.

Advanced question types like MaxDiff will show each attribute along with the percentage and count of the times it was ranked as most appealing, least appealing, or not chosen. These results could segmented by donation range, helping you identify what different donor groups value.

Most Important
Least Important
Times Displayed
Community clean up 1
13 3 23 0.43
More tutoring programs 2
3 9 16 -0.38
Addiction programs 3
1 12 17 -0.65
Least Important
Most Important
Not choosen