Donor Feedback Survey Template

Understand the opinions and motivations of your donors. Use this survey template to find out why donors support your organization's cause and what areas they would like you to focus on. This survey will help to identify growth opportunities to increase donor support.

This survey includes a Net Promoter Score® question to benchmark and gauge how donors perceive your organization. This survey also includes two open ended text question to explain why a donor decided to contribute and to offer additional comments.

You can filter the results for a specific answer, for example donors who are not satisfied; this enables you to easily see where and how to improve.

Number of questions: 11
Number of Pages: 1

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Great for new organizations to ensure they retain donors
  • Send this out via an email invitation so you can combine results with previously established donor demographics. Doing this enables you to easily contact donors who appear to be dissatisfied.
  • Customize as needed

Raising Donor Retention Rates

According to Bloomerang, the average retention rate for donors in 2017 was 45%. In January of 2018 we decided to ask over 50 nonprofits, for help in a study. We wanted to find out the relationship between Net Promoter Score® and retention. We worked with each nonprofit, to gather the data, in part using our survey tools. We didn’t receive any personal identifying information, but we were able to compute a retention rate for detractors, passives, and promoters. The results were exciting, and confirmed what would be expected; the more favorable a donor views an organization, the more likely he or she is to continue to donate!

This survey template, will help to identify areas of improvement, to help boost Net Promoter Scores®.