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A tenant feedback survey is used by property managers to capture valuable feedback from their residents. This type of survey can measure tenant satisfaction helping to reduce resident turnover.

Questions on this survey template include a Net Promoter Score, property ratings, maintenance requests, and staff interaction. We include a MaxDiff question on this template to identify new amenities that could help increase tenant retention. This question could also help to justify rental increases. Time and budget restraints can restrict property improvements, MaxDiff helps you define what is most important.

Number of questions: 5

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Collecting Anonymous Tenant Responses

The anonymous survey link is perfect to collect responses with this template. Tenant identities will be protected, and meta data can even be included in the link, such as the tenant's age range. The data can be collected yet kept anonymous, with our k-anonymity feature. This data is used to segment and filter the results. You may notice younger renters prefer certain amenities over others.

Anonymous emails could be another method of data collection. This would also give you the ability to add custom meta data, while also giving you the ability to send reminders to tenants who have yet taken the survey.

Questions Included

  • Interior surfaces and flooring satisfaction
  • Appliance satisfaction
  • Exterior appearance satisfaction
  • Are maintenance requests handled to your satisfaction?

Unique Question Types for Better Data

Asking simple multiple choice questions for department feedback might not paint the full picture of what your tenants value. To get a more accurate assessment, a MaxDiff or Ranking question can be used. Both question types are unique to SurveyKing. We include a MaxDiff question on this template to ask tenants what new features or amenities would be worth a small rent increase. (instead of a rent increase, the question could be changed for most likely to encourage a lease renewal.)

Of the following, which feature or amenity would be least and most important in justifying a small increase in rent?
Least Important Most Important
Remodeled kitchens
Marble countertops
Remodeled bathrooms

Tenant Feedback Survey Sample Data

Simple multiple choice or dropdown questions, will include a bar or pie chart along with a data table.

Advanced question types like MaxDiff will show each attribute along with the percentage and count of the times it was ranked as most appealing, least appealing, or not chosen. These results could segmented by tenant age range, helping you identify what different tenant groups value.

Most Important
Least Important
Times Displayed
Remodeled kitchens 1
13 3 23 0.43
Marble countertops 2
3 9 16 -0.38
Remodeled bathrooms 3
1 12 17 -0.65
Least Important
Most Important
Not choosen