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This Net Promoter Score survey template helps you collect valuable customer insights. Sample follow-up questions are included to help you segment and filter your results, enabling you to identify problem areas. A higher Net Promoter Score means more loyal customers, and more revenue for your organization.

The Net Promoter Score question was created to measure brand or customer loyalty with one number. The best score is 100 and the worst possible score is -100. The question asks for a rating from 0-10; 9 and 10 are both considered "Promoters".

The question helps you discover who your promoters and detractors are and take action to increase promoters. The first follow up question asks respondents why they choose their rating. The next set of questions ask for demographics like income and age, enabling you to filter and segment based on this data. You may notice for example that the younger demographics have a lower score, indicating low brand loyalty.

Number of questions: 5

Best Use Tips

  • Great for new businesses to see what types of customers they are currently appealing to
  • Send this out via an email invitation to past customers or use a transactional link to get results associated with products the customers are currently purchasing
  • This could also be sent out via a survey link on a website to gauge a company’s brand reputation. The link can include custom meta data so results could be segmented by location.
  • The demographics questions can be removed, which would make the survey a short two questions. The template can be customized as needed.

Net Promoter Score Follow-Up Questions

To understand why your Net Promoter Score is either high or low, you would want to add follow-up questions to your survey. By default, we add one text input questions asking respondents the reason for their score. In addition to this question you could also additional follow-up questions like the ones below. You can choose to conditional dhow these questions based on the score a user selects. For example, you may want to only ask certain questions if the score was low. This can be achieved via display logic.

  • What was most disappointing in your experience with us?
  • How can we improve?
  • Are there any products you eish we could add?

Net Promoter Score Survey Results

The Net Promoter Score question data will be displayed in a simple gauge chart, display the Net Promoter Score inside. Below the chart, the distribution of Promoters (0-6), Passives (7-8), and Promoters (9,10) will be shown.

This survey template will also come up another prebuilt report that enables you to quickly track the Net Promoter Score over time, and upload additional data like revenue, to help corelate revenue growth, with Net Promoter Score improvements.

NPS Score

Net Promoter Score Survey Results

The report builder will give you the ability to segment the Net Promoter Score by age, gender, or even store location (if that data was included in the survey or survey link). This segmentation can help you spot hidden trends, or problem areas that might not otherwise be apparent.

Example Cross Tabulation
Product Likability vs Gender
Count Percent
Female 19 2 4 25
Male 3 3 16 22
Total Compared Responses 22 5 20 47100%

First Time Using NPS?

In 2017, we asked over 500 of customers who sent out an NPS survey one question: "When you signed up for SurveyKing, what was your experience level with NPS surveys?" We found out the over 40% of our customer base had never even heard of Net Promoter Score! This template takes the guess work out; just start collecting and analyzing data!