Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Great for generic customer feedback and customer satisfaction, the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template helps measure brand or customer loyalty. Discover who your promoters and detractors are, and take action to increase promoters. Includes questions about why customers like or dislike your product and general demographic questions so you can filter responses and target where you need to focus attention.

Need to understand your score? See our NPS calculator.

Number of questions: 7
Number of Pages: 2

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • Great for new businesses to see what types of customers they are currently appealing to
  • Send this out via an email invitation to past customers or use a transactional link to get results associated with products the customers are currently purchasing
  • This could also be sent out via survey embeds on a website to gauge a company’s brand reputation
  • Customize as needed

First Time Using NPS?

In 2017, we asked over 500 of customers who sent out an NPS survey one question: "When you signed up for surveyKing, what was your experience level with NPS surveys?" We found out the over 40% of our customer base had never even heard of NPS! Luckily this template takes the guess work out; just start collecting the data you need!


This survey, along with all Net Promoter® Score questions, include a global benchmark for the past 6 months. This global benchmark pulls from all our surveys for the past 6 months in your results. The benchmark is crucial to see how your brand or company NPS compares to others!