Department Performance Survey Template

Find out how the employees in a department view their jobs and identify cost savings.

Part 1 asks if employees are contributing to the organizations goals and are part of a competent team.

Part 2 deals with ways to improve. A max diff question asking most and least important ways for the department to achieve success. Part 2 also contains a continuous sum question giving respondents a hypothetical budget and ways to apply that to the department.

Number of questions: 2
Number of Pages: 12

Use this template

Best Use Tips

  • If HR conducts this survey for different departments in your organization, be sure to collaborate with management of the various departments when viewing results. Multiple departments may have similar issues and could potentially be solved with one fix.
  • Send this out at the same time each year to establish accurate benchmarks
  • IP address logging can be turned off to ensure your organization can collect completely anonymous responses
  • Customize questions as needed for your organization