Employee Satisfaction
& Engagement Survey Template

Number of questions: 15
Number of Pages: 2

Use this template to determine employee satisfaction and make improvements to your work culture as needed. Happy and engaged employees make for a great company!

A successful employee satisfaction & engagement survey is short and simple. Don’t overwhelm employees with a long survey. 10-20 questions maximum.

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How to Build the Survey

Questions include: (tailor for your organization)
  • Being valued as an employee
  • Are the job requirements are clear
  • Making good use of employee skills, abilities, and training
  • Having a clear path for career advancement
  • Management communication
  • Does the company cares about the safety of its employees
  • Rating of their current work schedule
  • Does the company clearly communicates its goals and strategies
  • How likely would you be to recommend this company to a friend or college (net promoter score question with benchmarks)
  • Open eneded text question asking what the company does well
  • Open ended text question asking what the company can improve on

Working with your data
The results from your first survey will have established your benchmark data.

With your data you can create reports to share. The data can be reviewed with the HR team first and shared with management.

Either the HR team or the managers can then share the survey results with employees, just enable this feature. Sharing results can help employees understand the reasons for managment decisions. Sharing results also give reinforcement to employees that their voices have been heard.

Don’t try to remedy all the problems found at once. Focus on one or two critical items at a time. Ask team members for ideas on how to improve issues and use more surveys to get details of issues.

Best Use Tips
  • Send this out at the same time each year (even if sent multiple times in a year) to have accurate benchmarks
  • Use email invitations to take advantage of employee metadata and further filter and analyze results
  • If you wish to use web links for anonymity, add questions such as department or age brackets to further filter and analyze results to see what specific departments or employee types are happy/unhappy.
  • Sending this survey bi-annually is ideal. Company events can skew results (such new products, layoffs, acquisitions, etc.) if they are conducted less than twice a year


Employees who feel that they have a voice in your organization are more willing to provide feedback to help continued efforts towards improvement. Using data from this employee satisfaction survey will help you build a great work environment!

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