Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Great for generic customer feedback and customer satisfaction, the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template helps measure brand or customer loyalty. Discover who your promoters and detractors are, and take action to increase promoters.

Includes questions about why customers like or dislike your product and general demographic questions so you can filter responses and target where you need to focus attention.

Get the details of the Net Promoter® Score concept here.

Number of questions: 7
Number of Pages: 2

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Best Use Tips
  • Great for new businesses to see what types of customers they are currently appealing to
  • Send this out via an email invitation to past customers so you can combine results with products they purchased or other general information
  • Customize as needed
This survey, along with all net promoter score questions, include global benchmarks for all of SurveyKing the past 6 months. This is cruical to see how your brand or company NPS compares to others!

Net Promoter Score Diagram
Extra Analysis Via a Wordcloud
  • Take advantage of a wordcloud for the open ended text questions.
  • Imagine your company's Net Promoter Score® is below what you deem reasonable. You can filter your survey results and all of the "Detractors" and view the updated word clouds. Those word clouds now reflect all the items that the "Detractors" don't like.
  • wordcloud example